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Whether or not I should take MXT today

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I have a head cold for the last 3 days which always lead to a chesty cough that I now have.

Last time I had similar problem in October I continued to take MXT but cough lasted 8 weeks. I saw GP after 3 weeks who said there was a virus about that's lingering and my cough lasted 8 weeks.

I recently had a flare my inflammatory markers were raised and I was given a steroid injection.

My current symptoms started a week after the injection which helped the flare after a couple of days.

I'm not sure I should take MXT I may call 101 later to see what they say I should do. Just thought I would ask on here what people think.

Thank you in advanced


13 Replies
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I always get a cold after steroids too! I agree to chat with 101.i think I can tell you what my rheumatologist told me( other rheumys may not agree tho)

He said if it's bacterial infection don't take the drugs if it's viral it should be OK. Personally I always however j St left it a week till I felt better. Virally chest coughs can last week's when the. Get them.

Hope you feel better soon but get proper advice.

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AgedCrone in reply to allanah

I agree with Allanah....when I was on Mtx if I had any bug...I missed a week...maybe two of Mtx....never seemed to make any dufferencev& I lasted 7 years on it.

The way I look at it - you can't do much harm missing Mtx doses as it takes quite a while to clear the system! But if you keep taking it you're liable to take much longer to get over whatever it is you are suffering from!

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Thank you

I was told by my Rhuematology dept to continue to take it unless I'm on antibiotics

However I don't want the cough to last a long time.

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I had a cold and chesty cough recently started on the Sunday and just missed my dose of mtx on the Thursday. The cold ran its course, the cough although not as bad, still gets me at times. Think I would have been worse had I not stopped the mtx but who knows. X

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Thank you

I may call 101 later just for advice but may miss MXT this week

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I'm in the same position right now, foul 2-box of Kleenex a day cold that's now turning a bit chesty. So my personal decision is that I'm going to miss my MTX tonight as I just don't feel like stabbing myself with a needle. But I have been on it for years, and am well controlled so I know for me that missing a week is no big deal. I rarely do it I have to say, and usually for fun things like a week's holiday, but I'm feeling grumpy and rebellious today!

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AgedCrone in reply to helixhelix

Good on you helix helix.

Mtx should help us not rule us!

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helixhelix in reply to AgedCrone

And I've just had a teeny, tiny glass of whisky instead (for medicinal purposes of course...)

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AgedCrone in reply to helixhelix

Bravo! I'm just having a glass of medicinal Chardonnay!

I have been playing this meds game for so long I refuse to let it take over my life.

Mind you having just started on RTX I have no control...so I eat & drink what I fancy!


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I just want to feel better and get back to work. Work 3 days a week

Waiting for 111 to call back but I feel the same as you a bit rebellious and give it a miss this week.

It's so rare for me to catch a cold but have had 2 in the last 5 months.

Hope you feel better soon x

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Good Luck with 111...pound to a penny they will never have heard of Mtx & will send an ambulance!

So turn off the lights & pretend it wasn't you who called!

My rheumatologist told me that if there was a fever involved, skip it. If I really felt bad, skip it. If you are just not sure, call and ask their advice...

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I asked about this in my rheumatology clinic today. Apparently you should carry on taking methotrexate unless you have a really bad bacterial chest infection. Something that requires antibiotics. If it's just a normal cold then you are fine to continue

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