Now adding sulfasalazine hydroxychloroquine

Hi guys, just back from rheumatologist methotrexate not working well enough and can't tolerate higher dose so first in the mix, I've to add Sulfa and then a month later hydroxy. Reummy said there are no more side effects using 3 DMARDs than one and this is quite a common combination.

What do you 5h8nk? Is this true?

Thanks M x

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  • Should read what do you think! Lo M x

  • I tried that combination and didn't halt my disease so now on Benepali along with mtx , the hydroxocloroquine went for my eyesight and now have cataracts as a result but everybody's different they might work for you

  • Hi - Hydroxy does not cause cataracts. It can cause retinal damage so would review that if I were you.

  • I'm sorry I didn't say it did , I said it affected my eyes as the chap who examined me said plus it didn't control my RA

  • You said the hydroxocloroquine went for my eyesight and now have cataracts as a result so that reads that hydroxy caused the cataracts to me. Didn't mean to cause offence and thought my suggestion would be hepful.

  • I've been on that triple combination for 6 years and am generally in remission with no side effects. Took a few months to get used to each one, and I do still have blips where things go haywire, but compared to the miserable state I was in at diagnosis this is bliss!

  • I have been on methotrexate, Leflunomide, and sulfasalazine all with else if from flare ups. I have just been to rheumy. And he has upped my sulfasalazine to now 6 tabs a day. I have no appetite and noticed my eyes are blurry. I feel so frustrated when I wait for for the dye to see him praying he will give me something that will give me relief from my. Terrible hand and wrist pain. Now noticing it in my Ankles. Can anyone give me some advice on what pain killers to take or anything they think will help please. I never used to be a moaner but am fed up with my own voice.

  • Hello marie66 I've been on sulfasazine for over six years now also take methotrexate this next Tuesday will be my be the full four meth tablets because I had a bad reaction in Nov when first tried this time they started me off on two tablets for first two weeks then three for next two weeks hence four this week and after I had no side effects from sulfasalazine that I've noticed it worked well on its own for me until this year ,stress seems to be what sets off my flare ups I would prefer to have help to relieve the cause of my stress than take toxic meds but seems that's not a choice at moment I hope all goes well for you adding sulfa to your meds .

  • You poor darling xx

  • I am on the same combination. Only just started on sulfasalazine because the other 2 were not working. Fingers crossed no bad side effects so far. I had a steroid injection 7 weeks ago so not sure if they are helping yet. Hope they work for you and hope the side effects aren't too bad.

  • Hi I am on Sulphsulfasalazine and Hydrochloroxine, which are controlling the RA quite well...I have found my eyes have become dry which gives blurry vision, I hope your consultant told you to get an eye test before commencing as they need a base line to show any deteriation, good luck hope the combo works well for you.

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