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Triple treatment adding Sulfasalazine

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Hi, It’s been awhile since I have posted. My current meds are Humira, Leflunomide 10 mg, prednisone 6 mg and Celebrex 200 mg 2x a day. I started having more flares. My rheumy wants to add Sulfasalazine. He would like to get the ra more controlled and me off prednisone. I have been using higher does up to 20 mg for the flares. I have been on 6 mg a day for 15 years. Any one have good news or some hopeful experience?

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When Hydroxychloroquin and Methotrexate weren't controlling things Sulphasalzine was added and it worked well for me. I hope that it works for you.

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ragurl in reply to Boxerlady

Thank you. That is good news.

I started on Sulpha when first diagnosed, and mtx added shortly after. It can make your wee bright yellow

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ragurl in reply to Thingybob

So lots of water to clear the yellow thank you

I tried the Sulfasalazine as I have been on 7.5 of prednisone for so many years. But I couldn’t take it. I don’t usually have problems with meds hurting my stomach but that one did. I was praying that I could use that to get off of the steroids but it just wasn’t good for for me. I hope it works wonderful for you. Fingers crossed! Let us know how it does. HugsPeggy 🙂

Thanks Peggy! That is the thing. Rheumy said only works for 60% and it upsets many peoples stomach. So we will see if I can tolerate it? Fingers crossed.

I had a little nausea for a few days with each dose increase (apart from the last one when I went up to the maximum dose of 3 tablets twice a day) but it passed each time. Interestingly, my long term IBS-C is better than it's been for years but maybe that's coincidence! The bright yellow wee seems to be universal, no matter how much you drink! 😂

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ragurl in reply to Boxerlady

That is good news especially the improvement of IBS-C. I think it’s original use is for the colon. Yellow wee could be fun 😂 Did it help you get off steroids?

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Boxerlady in reply to ragurl

I was only on steroids for a very short time before diagnosis; since being on DMARDS I've only had a couple of steroid injections.

I'm afraid I couldn't tolerate sulfasalazine at all. Nausea wasn't good but worst thing was the dizziness at times and total loss of taste which took over 3 months to return once I stopped taking it. Sorry! Know its not everyone's experience and some people really get a lot of benefit from sulfasalazine.

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ragurl in reply to BMCV

I appreciate your experience.

I appreciate your experience.

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