Up date on (my test)

Ones again thanks for all your kind words and thoughts.

As you know I had my follow up appointment yesterday and you know what I have to have another camera test and this is on the 7th February. I can understand what they mean as the Dr does not want to operate if he does not have as a bow operation is a major operation and this time they want to do the hole of the colon. I really cant take much more of this, this will be the 4 camera test plus the 3 CT scans. I think I need a medal or as the Denise and Cass said to me I should get a certificate.

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  • Sorry you have to have a camera test again, better to check again .

    Sending you hugs and best wishes. XXX


  • manwithnoname

    Sorry you are having to go thru all this again but sincerely hope that all goes well for you and its something that can be treated fairly straightforward for you.

    Fingers crossed.



  • Take a back-step mwnn .....you obviously have a very conscientious surgeon who doesn't want to put you through major surgery if it's not vital. As you say bowel surgery is a very serious matter & must be right first time.

    The state the NHS is in you really are fortunate you have such a kindly surgeon & he isn't just shoving you on the OR list & then opening you up & finding he could have done something simpler that would be less traumatic for you.

    I know it's frustrating but I'm sure you'd rather have the RIGHT operation a bit later, than the WRONG one now wouldn't you?

    Really hope it's sorted after your next test.


  • I totally agree with you it's just this will be the 4th test and it not just that but the not knowing that is the thing.

  • I know what you mean. I have had many anxieties ...wondering if I should take this or that drug...but as many will agree...... in the end you do eventually get there & I'm sure you will get the operation that you need as soon as the surgeon is SURE he will be doing the RIGHT surgery!

    Hope it's not too long now!


  • You must feel you are going around in circles and so much stress for you all But I agree it sounds like you have a good Surgeon who is making the best decisions for your treatment.Hope all goes well on the 7th best wishes.

  • i think you should get a trophy!! Excuse the pun, but, all these procedures must be a pain in the arse.

    A good friend of mine went through the same tests back in 2003. He said he felt like a robot as he went through the tests and then the partial bowel removal. Today he is a healthy 60 year old man and he is greatful that he had a second chance at life.

    Please keep us informed and know that we all are wishing you well. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

    take care


  • You say that Sue the out patients staff have already sad this,

  • Wishing you all the best at least your Consultant has been thorough and all that he/she is putting you through is to make sure that what needs to be done is right. It does save opening part of you up and then finding it was not all dealt with properly and efficiently. At least with minimal invasion they get a pretty good ideas of what needs to happen in the future. 40 years ago as a student nurse one patient was admitted onto our GI ward and Drs couldn't work out exactly what was wrong so they opened him up from above the belly button to his pubic bone to discover - alas it was his appendix! So his recovery time was very much extended. Thank the Lord for today for Keyhole surgery, cameras to take pictures, CT scans and MRI scan, etc which minimally invade and reduce so many operation procedures as they give up hidden secrets to enable us to be diagnosed, dealth with and discharged in a short a time as possible. I'm glad I live in this era, as going back over my ancestry my Great Great Grandmother died in 1917 from septicaemia from a Burn. Penicillin wasn't discovered for another 11 years in 1928

  • Yes wish you all the best

  • I hope you have a cheery smile for the camera each time. Blimey, manwithnoname, you really are going through the mill, aren't you? I suppose in a funny sort of way all this checking and testing shows that the medics are determined to find the problem and calculate the proper way to treat you. I sincerely hope that all is resolved for you soon. Great big hugs to you and yours.


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