Worried about my teeth

Hi all, May seem like a strange question to ask but over the last 6 months or so i have noticed a gap appearing between my 2 front teeth which seems to be getting bigger all the time, i am due a review at rheumatology in March but not sure whether i should mention it or just see the dentist, I have been told by people outside of the forum that it could be linked to rheumatoid but really not sure.

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  • This happened to me 7 - 8 years ago and it turned out that there was a cyst growing in my jaw, in between my front teeth roots. Nothing showed apart from the gap. See your dentist, explain the situation and get them to x-ray it. The surgeon told me that usually, people don't know that they have this until their jaw breaks. I was lucky that I could see gaps appearing between mine. Once the cyst was removed, it was fine and the gaps closed again. Clemmie

  • Thanks will speak to the dentist, By the way did your jaw crack especially when you yawn.

  • Only very rarely.

  • Hi Phil,

    I have been having problems with my teeth,moving apart and some coming a little loose. I've got sjogrens syndrome which causes a extreme drying in my mouth from lack of natural saliva in turn causes problems. Sjogrens is a secondary to RA.

    Trouble is RA seems to like to take anything on, I have several diagnosises and every path leads to RA, it must be once you have one autoimmune disease you are susceptible to others

    Take care Linda

  • Thanks Linda i have a review in March i may mention it to the reumatologist just wasn't sure if it was a dental issue or whether there was a link to RA.

  • Good luck Phil,

    Even if it turns out to be a dental problem it's always best to mention it to your rheumatologist , we may thing another sympton is unconnected but if your rheumy is good they should know and they need to know everything about your health anyway because they dispense medication to us.

    Have a good day Linda

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