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Painful jaw



I've been suffering with RA in the jaw now for weeks, it usually stays a couple of days then goes. Or swaps to the other side then goes!

This bout had been here for weeks and is now getting me down, I had a steriod injection 12 days ago which has had no effect.

I'm off to the doctors tomorrow to see if there's anything else she can suggest. As eating, swallowing, cleaning teeth ect... is literally a pain. Can't even put blusher on without it hurting the skin!

Just wondered if anybody else has had this and what their experience is?

Thank you


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Sometimes you can get a blocked salivary gland in your jaw. Maybe you could ask you GP about that...if you get no joy there it's back to your Rheumy I guess!

Have you asked your Rheumy nurse...they have usually heard of most symptoms & know what to do about them!

Good Luck!



Thanks, I will mention that tomorrow thank you.

I had a long chat with the nurse before the steroid injection last week, she never mentioned it could be anything else.

I will see GP tomorrow if no joy then yes as you say, back to Rheumy I go.


Have you checked with your dentist just in case it is a dental problem although swopping sides does not sound like it. Once I got controlled on meds mine settled down. I had a couple of small heat pads to use to help ease the pain (especially before going to the dentist) and had to think about what I ate. Farm

medieval-ali in reply to farm123

Hi thanks for the reply, it's defo in the jaw, the pain is coming from the pivot point by my ear, it's like tooth ache, ear ache and a sore throat all wrapped up in one!

Hi Ali, I get this all the time, its literally like my gums swell and my jaw bone goes into overdrive! its usually a sign that your disease isn't under control (mine hasn't been for years) but I know it means eating yoghurt, soft eggs etc to try and get you through. I use heat pads on mine when I can but there's not much I've found helps a great deal, I do gargle with dissolvable paracetamol which helps a bit - or rather a very gentle swish round your mouth, it helps your sore throat as well. All my sympathy is with you!

Just been to the docs, she's sending me for x rays and blood test to rule out other things. She's doubting RA at the moment.

But we'll see. Thank you for your reply.

Gp or rheumy? I now go to Kings Dental College in London for regular check ups as I had such ongoing issues, that was via my dentist which really was helpful and they did a full examination of my jaw, teeth, neck etc. Honestly my rheumy although sympathetic just said it was part of the disease. There are some good papers on the connection between inflammatory arthritis and gum issues as well as facial swelling and it was proved a few years ago that RA can basically affect you from nose to tail😳. Glad they are doing more tests, hope you get some relief soon, pls let me know if you get a result.

Thank you for that, I know others suffer with it in the jaw, but it's kinda unusual in the face, my check under my cheek bone and below my eat are swollen and the cheek bones hurt when I lay down.

Here's to a speedy solution! (Yeah right)


Oh Gp doing test. Rheumy nurse just said oh ok have a steroid injection. Which to be fair has helped elbows and hands but not the jaw.

Well nothing is as simple as it should be is it? Got to x-ray to be told, sorry we don't do facial bones, now I need to go back to GP to be referred to a department called Max fax... sounds like the cosmetic company to me! 😥😥😥 what a palarva!

Max fax😀 Maxillary facial, perfect team for your issues! I saw them at kings so I hope you get an appt soon, as I'm sure you're worried. Yesterday mine flared up again so I couldn't eat, so annoying but good for my waistline... hope it goes well.

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