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Jaw pain


Hi everyone

I have RA diagnosed about 6 months ago now taking sulpha, hydrocloaquin every day & Naproxen when it flares. The last 3 days have been strange as my jaw joint is not closing properly so Im on soft food as I cannot chew properly. Has any of you nice people out there had this problem ?

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Hi, sorry to read this it’s not nice! This topic comes up quite a lot on here. I developed a pain which I first thought was ear or tooth ache. I had both checked and it as coming from Jaw, I can’t open it very wide at the moment but if I move it around a bit it will loosen up! I also have problems with my TMJ from jaw clenching which I was never aware of until I got RA. Hope it improves for you soon but you’re not alone with jaw problems..unfortunately! 😊

Thanks for your responce and I have read a few jaw related post. Looks like it is common and glad to say it has eased of today so my meds must be working. Good thing about it is I dont eat as much therefore losing a few pounds lol.

Yes, I found this to be my most painful part of my RD. I found heat eased it. A hot water bottle wrapped in a towel, a scarf. With me it thankfully doesn’t last very long

I get an occasional flare in my jaw joint. it's horrible -but doesn't last more than a couple of days.

I've had it a few times and it's not very nice at all. I found nothing really helped and it was just a matter of dining on soup and soft food to avoid chewing, and sitting it out until it passed, which in my case was never too long a time...thankfully!

I had it early on in my disease, touch wood haven’t for a couple of years🤞


I have Psoriatic Arthritis and have ALWAYS had issues with my jaw. It’s hard for me to open my mouth completely and it constantly flares. I’ve gone to the doctor several times complaining of an ear ache, only to find out my ears are perfectly fine, it’s my TMJ that’s swollen and putting pressure on my ears. Massage helps (you can ask for a therapist to massage the TMJ); it’s painful, but it helps later. This is something you can even do yourself. I know when mine flares it becomes knotted just as a regular muscle, so I can feel the inflammation and I know where to massage it.

Thanks for your reply I will talkto my rhumy about this is it has flared again.

I had this so badly a couple of years ago that I was eating very little and lost lots of weight (didn't need to) in desperation I contacted an osteopath locally who was also registered as a cranial osteopath. I see her regularly for various joint issues and she incorporates work on my jaw when I ask, or if she checks and finds everything out of sync. I have to pay privately, but she does keep me mobile (knees and ankles very ropey too). I am fortunate that I can wiggle this into my budget, means I do less social things, cinema, concerts, but worth it for me. I do hope that it eases for you very soon.

Frankiefocus in reply to Harvena

Thank you...its a crazy feeling as everyday the joint pain is somewhere different on my body.

Hi, I have now been diagnosed with TMJ due to degenerative arthritis. First diagnosis was possible Eagle Syndrome a rare condition. Excruciating pain which can affect face and ear as well. It can also cause headaches.. The pain is intense when you first go to eat. II find it helpful to follow a soft diet. Constant tenderness around jawline. I find relief from heat and ice applied to jaw at intervals. I hope this is of help to you. Good luck Frankiefocus. You’ll be pleased to know some lucky fellow sufferers do find pain can wear off. It’s a common problem and has several causes.

Thank you

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