plantar fascitis

i have been diagnosed with the above its very painfull but the doctor at the hospital cant understand how i got this problem as i am wheelchair bound i have perifual neuropathy fibromyalgia and osteophorisis and calcafied tendonitus and bursitus and osteo arthritus he said this was caused by stamping your heels running or dancing i wish i cant walk for the pain i am in every day can you tell me how long it takes for this to heal the doctor said to see a physio but my doctor wont refer me ,she said i would have to pay to see someone ,

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  • I had this a few years back, I wasn't using my orthotics at the time, so changed over to my trainers to wear them. My GP did say he could give me a steroid injection if this didn't work, the pain did ease but was a good 5 months before it went. Maybe a steroid injection would help you. Good luck X

  • hi Gigi71 thank you for replying it is very painfull i cant take steroid injections as they have aneinflamatory like paracetamol in them if i take 2 ibuprofine or paracetamol i get bad heart palpitations so a bit stuck take care ,

  • Oh goodness. The pain is very bad, I hope you have other pain relief that helps. My rheumatologist referred me to a physio for lower back osteoarthritis, I know not related. Just wondered if you are seeing a rheumatologist they could refer you to one. I hope you get some help soon. Hugs X

  • I did neither of those and have had PF several times. I have had great success with cortisone injections to the correct places(2 different areas at different times) in the bottom of both of my feet.I specifically consulted a sports medicine doctor in a sports medicine clinic, as they treat this a lot in athletes.I've had incredible success.I also wear Crocs footwear around the home-I am convinced this has been wonderful for me.When they wear down,I get some pain again,so I always make sure I have a good pair on my feet.I wear the original 'clogs' in cooler weather and more open sandal type in hot weather. I've been doing this for over 10 years.In this time I have been able to take 3 extended holidays overseas with only some discomfort.I have FM,PsA and OA. Hope this helps as PF is a horror!!

  • I had PF prior to my being diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. I can't say for certain but it lasted a few weeks and then faded away. To put it bluntly, there is nothing a doctor, a physio or a specialist can do. I know people who recovered from PF after a short period of time. For me, unfortunately, it was linked to swelling in my left ankle which eventually led part of the ligament to break.

    My best wishes for a fast recovery.

  • Hi, I have had this for a year now, the pain was dreadful at first, couldn't even get to the toilet at night, it has eased a bit, had physio to learn a few exercises, and been wearing some feet pads for this condition, I have still got it and am going to have some shock wave treatment done to see if it helps, hope I am get rid of this too as it is very uncomfortable, hope you get it sorted too xxxxx

  • hi masymae did your doctor refer you to a physio it is so painfull,cant take steroid injections ,

  • Yes, I got referred by the Rheumy at the hospital, to be honest they only show you exercises to do, if you look up online you can find them yourself xx

  • Hello Mason, I had to deal with this a few years ago. There are exercises to help, but as you are wheelchair bound I can only recommend one of them. Roll your foot over a rolling pin with as much pressure as your legs (or the pain) will allow. I did this several times a day and it was the one that helped me most. It does hurt when you do it, but it really helps. PF was gone within three weeks. Hope this helps a bit.

  • When I had this, several years ago, I was given steroid injections directly into the bottom of the heel. After three days rest I was able to walk with no problem. Hope you can get injections asap....They were very painful but it has never recurred. Good luck..

  • It is something that is often associated with psoriatic arthritis and I see that quite a few people with PsA have replied. I wonder whether this is something you should be discussing with your consultant? PsA can often be misdiagnosed, and OA can definitely confuse the issue.

  • Yes the pain is horrid. When I sat in my chair I had a towel on the floor

    and used tin of beans and rolled for foot across it. It stretches the plantar

    . Look on website it gives you ideas. . A physio gave me a list.

    I have fibro RA and Osteo and have had Plantar on 4 ocassions, varying degrees though.

    Good luck

  • I had surgery for chip bone, plantar fasciitis, and posterior tibial tendinitis on Dec. 20. Because of my RA, the doctor thought it was caused by my long use of steroids. It MAY be the same for you. So sorry this has happened to you. I do know the pain you are having right now.

    I did have to go through the whole gamut prior to surgery. I had to have cortisteroid shots and physical therapy. They did not work, so I had surgery.

  • Hi Mason - I am so sorry for all that you are going through. There is one thing that might help that I can think of right off hand and that is using some KT Tape? I am not affiliated in any way with the KT Tape company, just love their products. I use it for my feet, wrists, and knees. Just the movement of the foot with the tape on may help..

  • I had plantar fasciitis just before we went on holiday last year. Agony doesn't even begin to describe the pain - as you are finding. It was like there was a direct link between my heel and my brain and the pan just shot from one to the other.

    I did a lot of googling and did as many things as I could find on Dr Google. I found standing on the bottom step and lowering my heels good, in the end I did pretty well everything I could find recommended online and my Pilates teacher who is a physiotherapist actually suggested rest (think she realised I was doing everything I could possibly find on google) as well as putting my foot from a basin with hot but not burning water to a basin with cold water.

    I used to rest my heel on one of those flexible ice pack wrapped in a tea towel. Well I also used to wrap it round my foot with the tea towel do that it would go with me f I went for a hobble!

    I read that you shouldn't go about without shoes so I made sure always to wear shoes and never go around in my bare feet, I even avoided slippers.

    I sent off for a few orthotics designed for plantar fasciitis but I found that at the beginning they didn't help that much because it was quite painful to wear them. I did splash out and buy a very expensive horrible bright orange pair of Asics trainers and boy were they comfortable.

    After doing all that - possibly overkill but that's me - I was really lucky and managed to get rid of the pain in a couple of weeks.

    I didn't take ibuprofen or anything like that, just heat, cold and stretching exercises. You could try rubbing on Voltarol gel sort of stuff - my husband swears by it and I've been sneaking some of his for odd aches and pains and it seems to be good. Hope you feel a lot better soon, sounds like you have more than enough on your plate.

  • hi my friennds still in a lot of pain with my heel saw the physio she said all i could do was rest as i have so many medical conditions she just said to lie on the bed and stretch my foot its agony she said it will take up to a year to heel .

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