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Muscle Ache

I have muscle ache from shoulder to elbow in both arms but worse in my right. I have given infusions of Rituximab recently but had these aches before that. Just wondered if the infusion will help settle this down. I have been told the infusion takes 12-16 weeks to take effect so it is still early days for that. Has anyone suffered from this and is if maybe worth trying to get some physio. The ache restricts me from closing my bra and reaching for things. If anyone knows where I can buy a front closing decent bra here in the UK I would be grateful to know. So far I am finding it difficult and I can't imagine I am the only woman who has this problem. Definitely I niche in the market waiting to be filled. Thanks.

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sorry to hear you are struggling at the moment here is a link with a front fastening bra for you: .

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Thanks. Just had a look. Little choice and they do not appear to offer my size.


If you do a google search high street shops such as M&S sell front fastening bras they also sell them on Amazon. Hope this helps.

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Your post takes me back 18 years when I was first being diagnosed.

I often spent days in my PJ's because the ache/pain you describe between shoulder & elbow was so excruciating I could only move my arms backwards & forwards...I couldn't move them away from my body to get dressed at all.

I was only given painkillers back then & just waited ...usually a few days.... to wait for the pain to go away, eventually I was given steroid injections & gradually I just didn't get that pain any more. I don't think I could have had physio.....not least because I couldn't have got dressed to get to a physio!

I never found out exactly what it more RA mystery.

Re your bra...fasten it at the front, then wriggle it round! Or (depending how well endowed you are) BraVests are good as you just step into them!

I do hope your aches soon fade away.

Re RTX infusions ...I had my first two last October & I do seem to have less pain....I have a check up due soon, so hopefully blood tests will confirm it is working. Due two more infusions in April.......but I understand I could wait another 6 months if I continue to have less & less pain.


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