Hip ache and leg ache constant

I have been suffering with aches in my hips and a dull throbbing mostly in my right leg recently my arms, neck, and joints generally have started aching. I have been to the dr had a full blood count and a scan on my word and overies aside of showing up small fibroids everything is clear.

I do not know what to do next have tried exercise, physio any suggestions !

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  • Ask for a mri on your body.xxxxxx

  • Yes I will have to ask again last couple of times dr sent me to see physio all they offer is excersise thanks for reply sylvi

  • I was getting an achy hip at night but tried a memory foam mattress topper. The difference was dramatic - just had the best night's sleep since I was diagnosed five years ago!

    Ally x

  • I had similar problems and wasdiagnosed with a secondary fibromyalgia. Started on amytryptiline which helped a lot. Also bought better matress made from firm foam (ikea wins) which helped a lot too.

  • Can you tell me how they diagnosed you with secondsry fibromyalgia I am thinking of Going private and have an MRI scan as all they say is excersise I have a new bed/ mattress but that's not improved it very much.

  • Jo, welcome here. Tell us a bit about yourself. What kind of arthritis do you suffer from?

  • Hi, I don't have any diagnosis yet just had this ache in my leg for few months with hip pain and recently my neck and some joints have started aching. I've noticed it's got worse since the colder weather has come the physio at the hospital gave me excersises which haven't helped much, I thought AR would have shown up in blood test but hasn't .. hoping an MRI would help.

  • How are your nails and your skin? I suffered terrible aching like you describe for years. At the same time I had incredibly itchy dry skin and what the GP said was toenail fungus. In fact I had Psoriatic Arthritis. My blood work was always fine, but then PsA often doesn't show any signs in the blood.

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