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Severe knee pain again

Hi all if anyone has been following my posts you would of read I've been off work due to knee pain. I returned to work yesterday as had hardly any pain, I told my boss that I had a stool to bring in to sit on as I work as a cook I am on my feet for long periods. My boss was OK about this. So I done what I could sitting down but throughout the morning I could feel the pain becoming more severe. Once being at home resting didn't seem to be shifting the pain so I ended up having to ring GP up again who prescribed me some more Tramadol painkillers & another sick note for 2 weeks off work. My hubby took my sick note into work today & because he had a stroke before I met him his memory isn't very good so can't remember exactly what my boss said. Although she said something about unacceptable whether she meant because I took the stool in which she agreed to or because I had to ring GP up,but at least I went to work to see how I'd manage with the stool. She then told my hubby that they had a chair for me but did not tell me yesterday. The only chair what was mentioned was in the newly refurbished disabled toilet & the deputy manager said if I want to use it it will need sterilizing first. If this chair was meant for me to use they could of at least either put it in the kitchen ready or left me a note or a sent a text. Apparently there's a letter in the post from work which I'm worried about what is said In there. Since this morning I have felt so down & feel so tired as didn't sleep well due to pain. My hubby has had to go to see GP because of this & I've had to speak to my GP who wants to see me Friday with this letter. I also have a rheamy appointment on Thursday as I just want to know why I keep getting this pain that if I stand still for too long I get pain, the more I walk I get a bad pain. I've had to result to using a walking stick indoors & I never normally do this. Thanks for reading, just having a bad day today & hope tomorrow is a better day.

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In the past I have used a patella knee support much like the one shown on

If the link doesnt work just type in patella support and you are looking for a support strap that goes just below the knee. It supports the tendons etc that works the knee. Ask GP for advice and also maybe some physio advice if you've not already had it.

All the best


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Hi Ali_H

Thankyou, will have a look at that


You really seem to have a bad time right now. I very much hope that your employer's letter won't be negative. Make sure you really air all your worries with your GP and the Rheumy. Keep us up to date. All the very best. Big hugs.

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Hi stbernhard

Thankyou, yes definitely having a bad time right now. From the start of my knee pain I've been in contact with the rheamy nurse who I have spoken to first thing yesterday morning & has requested that the nurse I see on Thursday has a good look at knee & maybe a registrar too. Will definitely keep you updated xx


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