Sensitive hair?

This has happened ever since I've gotten together with my boyfriend. We would be playing around or he would be playing his video games and so I would go and play with his hair and he tell me not to play with his hair and honestly he don't even let his best mates touch his hair. He's says he don't like it when people touch his hair because they leave oil in his hair ... That's understandable but he also says that he doesn't like it when people touch his hair because he is sensitive and it pulls on his roots and he says it hurts.... I dont know he confuses me some times.. does anyone else feel like that ?

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  • how to stop the itching, simple, dump the boy friend. lol, go see your GP. Maybe tell him you feel allergic to your fella, he will agree with me obviously. I must stop saying that (DUMP YOUR BF) lol only kidding, has he gone yet, it could be anything, after shave, Deodorant, just a thought mmmm maybe leave his bloody hair alone lol, but don't dump him, unless you want too, even then he seems a good bloke and you obey him and you'll be fine. .

    maybe. no honestly I aint got a clue..

    just a thought, does your hair talk to you? otherwise how do you know it is sensitive MMM?

    Philip xx

  • Lordy!

  • I knew someone who had corncrows and i was the only one who he allowed to swirl my fingers round them.Joking apart could he have very sensitive hair some people do and if you love him i would respect his feelings as sometimes there is something more going on with his skin and hair. You could suggest he finds out what causes it though as it could be a pointer to something else.xxxxxx

  • Corncrows? What's that? Sounds bad.

  • Sylvi means cornrows, like Bo Derek had in 10

  • I know what he means about sensitive hair though with me I worked out it was really my roots/scalp where the sensitivity was. If it's like my experience, though I must say mine was thought to be due to the medication I was taking at the time, it may just feel like it's his hair. I'd respect his wishes, he's likely not putting it on, especially if it's not just you..... anyway is there any need for friends or you to touch it if it bothers or hurts him really, is there?

    Is he the type who would take a recommendation to help ease it do you think? If so what eased mine was Redken scalp relief shampoo, not cheap but sometimes when you need help you'll pay for it. I tried Eucerin demo cappillare first as recommended by my GP, that didn't help but it may for him.

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