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Well I had my second infusion of Rituximab on Thursday. Took six attempts to get the cannula in so am a bit bruised. I know they said it can take up to 12 weeks to see a difference. What they haven't said is what sort of difference. At the moment I can't close my bra because I don't seem to have the strength in my arms. Hands and wrists and knees still ache. Just wondering if I can expect these aches to diminish considerably. Am so tired all the time as I can't sleep for the shoulder ache.

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  • Sex attempts! Where is that happening! 😂

  • Oops. Lol

  • Hi Ellie. I was due to go on it last year and was advised it would take about 4 months or so to work, but they would give me a depo injection to help. I stayed on Humira for the time being, that took about 3 months to work and the difference was amazing. We are all different so hopefully it won't be too long before you notice the difference. Good luck.

  • I had my first two RTX infusions in October2016.....so far so good.......I had a mini flare in my wrists when I fell over & broke my arm in December, but it didn't get very bad, & my other joints are fine.....a bit stiff & achey but very bearable.

    I go for some sort of check up next week to see if I need another two infusions in April. I'm hoping as I'm not in any pain & my joints are not swollen I won't need to have them ......wait & see I guess.

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