Hello everyone hope everyone is well. Am wondering if anyone can help me on here. I have been on methrexate this is my 10th week and am on on my 2nd week of taking 10 tablets, i have had no side effects at all through taking methrexate and have retured to work and have even started exercising a couple of times a week, however the last day or so i have noticed the pain in my right foot due to my RA is ever so slightly there and i am worried sick its about to return to what it was before i started methrexate ( was extremley painful), i wondered if anyone had any advice for me? could this be due to being on 10 tablets? because of exercise? or anything else as i'm really not sure. I have left a messege for my RA nurse to contact me but this will be next week. Really hope someone can help me.

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How many milligrams is ten tablets? 25 mgs? sounds like the maximum maybe. You might need additional Dmards. I am on a combi of methotrexate, plaquinil & Humira.

Methotrexate is only first line, I think. Please try and keep in mind that there is no cure yet for RA, only meds to slow progression. You may have some damage in your ankle already, hopefully not but.....

I would suggest a good chat with your Rheumatologist, re your treatment plan for the future, it is unlikely that you will return to square one, but you may need further reviews to stabilise the RA.

Good Luck, Gina.


Yes, I think Gina is on the right lines. Everyone if different and it is very early days if you've only been on the MTX for 10 weeks, so quite possible that new aches are reversible. However, like Gina I am on several now (MTX, hydroxy and sulpha). I didn't start them all at once, but added in the other DMARDS one at a time when it became obvious that my RA hadn't stabilised, and slowly increased doses as well. Like you after each change it was fine for a while and then aches and swellings started creeping back, and I had to add/increase the drugs. In fact my last change of doubling dose of sulpha was only just before xmas and I'm now finally feeling that it may be doing the trick (fingers crossed). So don't panic, but try to get an appointment to discuss your treatment. Polly


Thankyou for your advice and support, really hope the pain dosing come back as severe as it was before but what your saying kind if makes sense. Hopefully should hear back from nurse this week xx


hello Louinna, my RA is under control and manage some exercise now, like you I panic whenever I feel pain and scared it's coming back but so far so good.

I can't give you better advice than the girls above but hopefully like me you'll get the 'odd' pain and then it'll go away as quickly as it appeared.

I ate beetroot one night and suddenly the pain hit me, only for a day, still learning what works for me.. could it be your shoes maybe? I notice painful feet with different footwear, especially gym trainers but have found asics the best for support for gym...

I do hope it passes :) x


Thankyou for your message am hoping it will pass but as I gave had it since Friday am thinking I may need a hospital visit x


Hope you a bit better methotrexate can take at least 12 weeks to work and sometimes other Dmards are added to it to help it work better, exercise should be taken slowly to start with and preferablt be low impact x


Thanks for your advice x



I've been on MTX 12 years and about yr ago up to 10 a week like you. I still have pain and swellling but a lot less than without the MTX - all above advice is good - 12 weeks usually is time to wait for 100% kicking in. Damp weather affects me terribly and will exacerbate my pain and swelling. But I carry on with exercise and I do take Naproxen when inflammation is bad. I got achilles problems in Sept. and only just resolved itself to where I can get back on my walks about a month ago - having RA makes all these problems worse. I also used Volatrol to rub on the tendon when it was hurting and that helped a lot as well as being kind to your tummy by taking it externally. But talk to your rheumy nurse as you are new to the dosage and see what is suggested for you. We are all different and cope differently with meds.

Good luck and keep moving.

Lynn x


Hi louinna,

I have had RA in one form or another for almost 50 yrs now, and I am just a young 57 yrs old, so I guess I have learned to live with the pain associated with it, but I would just like to say that there are many many anti inflams out there, and if one doesn't work for you maybe another will, yes keep in touch with your rhumy nurse about any worries/concerns you may have, but for my part if the nurse doesn't get back to you within 24 hours you need to speak with someone, I am under the Manchester Royal Infirmary Oxford Rd Manchester, and attend the Kellgren centre, which I find is a really good place for treatment.

On top of my RA I also have Ankylosing Spondylitis, which affects my upper and lower spine, again I have undertaken various treatments for this, including microwave surgery, where they singe a nerve in the spinal coloumn, "NO" not as bad as it sounds, in fact it has made a massive difference to my quality of life, but I do still battle with the pain associated with my RA.

Any louinna, I wish you all the very best for getting where you want in life, dispite your RA, and may i wish you a very happy christmas,,,,, and a very long and happy marriage ;-)



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