for @hector23

for @hector23

Hi Nettie,

just thought you'd like to see a few pics of Minnie on her first walk out on Wednesday - don't think she appreciated the coat until the wind really started,by then she was more interested in chasing the leaves and eating as much rabbit poo as she could before I spotted her !!

I have another couple of pics I think you'll appreciate,one more of her looking windswept on her big day,and another just of her playing so you can see how much she's grown since I first picked her up more than 3 wks ago now :)

I hope you and shep are both good,and you're getting out and about as much as you can - I had to scrap todays planned walk and take her to my mums for a playdate with my parents three dogs today to try and get some of her energy out instead,as when getting my clothes out for said planned walk, I managed to completely fall over my own feet and end up swinging from the wardrobe door in one hand,and smack my back and just about every joint I can possibly think of against the foot board at the bottom of the bed - so much so that I had to shout for my partner to wake up so that he could lift me up as I was in such a position I couldn't physically use my own strength(not that I had much left after those sheenanigans!) - d'oh!! I know full well that I'm going to be paying the price for that one for the next few days,so it's just as well that I'd already spent a few hours in the garden this morning sorting and completely cleaning and rearranging the bird feeders - at least something productive managed to happen :)

I'll add the other pics just as a single post - I haven't figured out how you put more than one pic in a post up yet - or even if that is possible?

take care

Nicki xx

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Hi NJk73

Your post so cheered me up. Thank you. What a sweet little a little bear!

So sorry you have managed to hurt yourself. It's a real bummer isn't it? One feels the pain for ages. I'm always falling over, usually in public view. I think it's because I'm top heavy! 😂

Good to hear you have done something today. I've dragged myself from one walk to another today. I'm not at my best. I think the leflunomide has kicked the stuffing out of me. Hope it gets better soon. On a positive, it's not as bad as sulfasalazine!

I would love to see more pics. I love dogs, though mine is killing me! Let me know if you figure out how to put more than one pic at a time. I've no computer, so use iPhone.

It's really important to share something nice, and normal sometimes. This illness stinks, so do dogs...but dogs ore ace!

Cheers 😀

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thanks Hector23 ,i'm always falling over,and it's definitely gotten worse since my left foot arch has completely collapsed - it means I loose my balance everywhere,unless I'm wearing my shoes with my orthotics in- which is all well and good when out and about,but the first thing I want to do when I get home is strip off and put my jamas on to lounge around in....and that certainly includes no shoes or insoles!! so more, often than not I'm falling about as if I'm drunk,or taken too many painkillers ;)

I'm glad it did the trick in cheering you up too - i'm just so grateful that I have my parents one street away so that in instances like this I can just struggle to drive the 45 seconds to their home,and then I can just relax while their dogs basically do all the hard work for me and tire her out :)

we start her puppy training classes next week,so no doubt that will bring a whole host of other anecdotes ....just watch this space :)



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