Eyelid spasms - is there anything that can help?

Eyelid spasms - is there anything that can help?

I know eyelid spasams go with the RA territory but is there anything that helps them or makes them less frequent or severe? I'm beginning to think fatigue makes them worse. I never had them until very recently.

Thanks for your time as always and Merry Christmas!


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  • I know of at least 5 people with Lupus and other connective tissue diseases who suffer from blepharospasms - so I think it might well be related. It's just that research hasn't been done yet into this relationship I suspect. I'm afraid I can't advise on treatments but I would agree about fatigue making them worse.

    Do you have dry eyes/ Sjogrens and use preservative free eye drops and clean your tear ducts of blepharitis? If not I wonder if this might help?

  • Thanks for your reply :) Yes, I do use the preservative free drops extensively. It definitely makes them more comfortable. It only affects one eye and lately it's been more frequent than usual. It's only mildly annoying especially in comparison to everything else my autoimmune issues bring out.

  • I too get these eye lid spasms and happened to mention it to my eye doctor after a bout of Uveitis. He said they are now using Botox quite successfully to control them. Mine are not that frequent or severe but he said when they are, a tiny injection into a muscle stops them completely and yet does not harm the normal use of the eye or lid.

    I currently get Botox treatments for migraines and for sure it works!

    Good luck, hope this helps

  • That's interesting and it makes sense that Botox would work. I have migraines on a pretty regular basis and have been considering it. It's great to hear it works well!

  • It might sound strange, but some eyebright eye drops or capsules might help .. I have Sjogrens and my eyes get dry and twitchy, but I use the eyebright as an eyewash and it calmed a down a lot... Systane drops might help too

  • How interesting. I get a twitchy eye which drives me mad, I hadn't realised it goes with RA thank you

  • Magnesium usually a good help. People with chronic inflammation often have magnesium deficiency and supplementation is recommended..

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