Anti-ccp and CRP low and knee pain - toolkit says I would be dismissed

I've just been looking at the toolkit on here (which if used by my consultant would have meant I was dismissed) and also what is regarded as normal for Anti-ccp levels which says above 20

I was referred by my GP to rheumatology because my anti-ccp was 12. Here they regard anything over 7 as worth a referral. My RF is negative and my CRP is always 1.0.

On examination the rheumatologist was certain I had RD. My DAS score was high. Most joints are inflamed and in particular my knees and my finger tip joints which according to the toolkit aren't seen in RD.

I have a strong family history of the disease and again when I spoke to my consultant this week they were absolutely happy I had the disease which is active and has been very aggressive.

I feel even luckier now that my GP chose to refer me. How confusing!

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  • Sorry I can't answer your question, but this is the first time I have heard a 'toolkit' mentioned on this site. I can't find it but it sounds useful! Where is it please? Thanks.

  • My rheumie says he looks at the patient, not blood tests. He is old school, but very good !! My blood test results rarely ever match my inflamed and swollen joints. By the way if the end joints of fingers inflamed and swollen it could be psoriatic arthritis. I have been diagnosed with RA/PSA/Lupus. I don't know anything about a 'toolkit' by the way. X

  • Yes, I was wondering where the tool kit is?

  • Actually Frankiefarr, not to disagree with the toolkit or anything, but I have RA in almost every bone and series of bones, including my finger tips and knees, so that is not entirely accurate. Of course, the toolkit may be based on something like an "average". I don't know.

    I'm careful how many self-assessment tools I run on me because I started making myself nuts after a while :-)

    It is confusing even if they know exactly what you have and what is happening. On one side you have people saying things like "Oh yeah! My XXXX cured that with diet and meditation" and others saying that it is serious. I would follow my GPs advice. I let mine know what I am going to do in almost everything I take or do and we work together.

    Sorry - I did not mean to preach - ha ha. Hope you are having a wonderful day!

  • It popped up on here yesterday but I don't know how to find it again or link it here

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  • Thanks. Will take a look.

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