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I have 53 years and pozitiv anti ccp

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Hello everyone! I discovered this site by event and I am happy for this reason, I want to know more about your experiences ... let's start with my problem: I have been diagnosed with polyarthritis for 9 years, no specific treatment has had any effect, except sulfasalazine to some extent (it only helps my hands) It has been replaced with leflunomide, which I still have, without any effect, very aggressive polyarthritis lately, coincidentally or not, since I got covid vaccine and all then I resumed the cortisone I was advised to discontinue, gradually of course, then the pain started, all my joints were affected, I stayed on Hyrimoz (biological) for six months,no effect, and now I am recommended olumiant. I would like to know more about him, please!

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He worked for me!

Welcome Doryza from Romania. You have made a good job of putting your post into English, which I'm guessing might be difficult for you. I must confess I don't think I've heard the term polyarthritis before, so I looked it up here ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articl... Now that you have found your way to this site, it might be worth your while to put Polyarthritis, or Olumiant into the Search Box at the top of this page, and read some of the previous posts on these topics. I can't guarantee that you will find any useful information, but it is certainly worth a try.

I can't really help beyond this but I wish you the best of luck in finding out what you need to know, and in getting support from the many brilliant suffering folk who share their knowledge and understanding on this site.

Bine ați venit încă o dată (și mulțumim Google Translate)

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Thank you!

I take olumiant and had some good results. The only medication I’ve taken with no side effects. I always say you won’t know until you try if it will work if it doesn’t then you stop and try something else. Good luck .

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I'm glad to hear that the medicine was good for you, I hope so too, health and thanks for the answer!

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Please tell me ,in how long you saw the benefits of olumiant?

Welcome to NRAS HealthUnlocked Doryza and thank you for sharing your story with us. I'm Emma from the charity NRAS. You may find it helpful to email our wonderful information and support team on helpline@nras.org.uk. We also have an article on our website about Olumiant, which is a JAK inhibitor: nras.org.uk/resource/jak-in... Emma :)

I found a lot of useful information on your site.🙂 Thank you!

They call your medicine Baricitinib here😁

Hiya Doryza, welcome. I'm afraid I can't help from personal experience as I've not had your new medication. What might help though is searching in the Search Healthunlocked box either for Olumiant (manufacturer's brand name) or baricitib (drug name). In Filter results choose those posted on NRAS & all the posts relating to your search will appear. Click on any & see if the information helps.

I'm sure anybody with personal experience of this JAK inhibitor will share if they see your post. I hope you find it helpful being here, we've lots of experiences between us so if you have any questions just ask, no question too unusual! 😊

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Ok,thank you!

Greetings to my colleagues of sufering! I am writing to you after a bad night, with pain, my aggressive polyarthritis also covered my knee, which I was still relying on. Yesterday at church, an old man told me that I suffer for the sins of my people, only I can't any more, I am weak and physically and morally, I am practically desperate ... I would like to know, please, how long and- did it have a narcotic effect olumiant (baricitinib) on you?

Nice Christian attitude that. Sorry to hear you are suffering. I also have PA so know how dreadful the pain can be.

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