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Well it arrived yesterday the large 40 page PIP document to be returned by the 5th of January. I am quite relieved about the return date, I was dreading a rush before Christmas.

I have looked at CAB website joined Works and Pensions and started gathering evidence. Thinking I will take small bites at it rather than trying to knock it out all together.

Well that is the plan.!

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  • I did 10 pages a day following the web pages you are using got all my paperwork in order and sent it reg post with a spare copy just in case something went wrong but all went smoothly good luck

  • Thank You good to hear it went smoothly for you.

  • Good idea , remember to keep yourself a copy so you can refresh the points before the interview x then have a nice Christmas and forget about it if you can!

  • I plan to keep a copy this time

  • 👌😂😀

  • Thank You . Hope you have a lovley Christmas as well.

  • Hope everything goes well , it's a very stressful thing to go through trying to remember if you've put everything down properly and the annoying thing is that it's what your entitled to and they wonder why people get stressed out and are not well

  • Thanks Popsmith. Stressed is right, if the Christmas Tree lights were plugged into me I would light up.

  • What is the title of the web page

    I have applied today and awaiting my forms. I did apply earlier in the year but was rejected

    Been told to try again as things have changed since then.

    I have approached CAB and they said can have help from them when completing my form.

    Good luck with your application

  • Good Luck with yours mine took about 6 days to arrive. The forms that is.

  • Benefitsandwork, I had to register to download there guides, but it was definately worth it.

  • Good luck with that smithfield .

    I don't think there is any hard and fast formula in getting it right -there doesn't appear to be any consistency on how this is awarded its the luck of the draw.I hope it goes in your favour!

    But as others have said,take your time ,don't rush it and make sure you keep a copy for your reference.

    Good luck.let us know how you get along with the application.



  • Oh Crusee Thank You. Sorry I have been so neglectful as a friend.

    I can only be truthful and hope they are also.

    Take Care


  • Don't worry about it I am sure we will catch up at some point.

    You hear such horror stories about these assessments and sounds like some of them are totally misrepresented.Just make sure you keep well documented notes and copies of everything you give them so you some gave some solid evidence if it comes to a query.

    Good luck.



  • Good idea not doing it all at once. I filled it in over two days & won't do that again! Don't forget to take a copy once you've completed it & collate all your written medical evidence early, especially as Consultants tend to be the ones who sneak off early for Christmas & are back late after New Year. I sent mine back Signed for, I figured the extra cost was worth the peace of mind. If you find you're floundering do ask your local CAB office if you can make an appointment with someone who knows the form inside out. Answer questions positively, yes or no not sometimes, I lost out on a couple of points which might have taken me into low rate mobility thinking yes I can do that sometimes & my h disagreed, seems he was right!

    All the best for when the time comes, luck isn't appropriate when talking about PIP!

  • I agree NMH my mind thinks, yes on a good day you can do that, my body says dream on.

    And we adapt. My husband helps me in ways that have become part of our routine so therefore we stop thinking about it. I need to step back and think about each daily activity and how we/I go about it.

    Since starting on Cimzia my pain and swelling has reduced but i still get breakthrough pain. And like most of us have other conditions which affect me.

    Good point about recorded delivery they hold all the cards if it did go missing my DLA would stop as I would be deemed as not having returned it in time.

  • Yes, exactly, things become routine & you forget that actually you don't/can't do that particular thing for yourself anymore. Start at waking in the morning, does your h help you out of bed, in the shower, make the breakfast & hot drink because your hands don't allow you to so early, for safety's sake. Does he help in any way when you're dressing, do you avoid certain types of clothes, buttons & such, because you can't fasten them. Have you, like me, had to change to front fastening bras because you can't physically do back fastening ones any more because you can't twist to turn it to the back because your fingers/shoulders/hands hurt too much or you're restricted in movement. Then do the same throughout the rest of the day, I bet it'll all come spilling out so be prepared for a few tears. x

  • and, if there's not enough space on the page, use extra sheets, but remember to put your details, name, & NI number, at the top of each extra page.

  • Thank You Boneyc Good Point which I may have forgotten in my stressed state.

  • Give the doctor a copy before he is asked for a report

  • We took hubby's PIP form to our local CAB. Really helpful lady completed it for us (with the help of all my notes) I kept a copy also. Hubby's PIP assessment was straightforward too. And 4 weeks later hubby received a back payment. Relatively painless experience. Wish I could say the same for the ESA claim!! Sue

  • I agree with all the comments made, especially the one about asking you local disability advice centre to complete the form and remember, like all DWP forms, they are designed to catch you out, it is 40 pages long but the questions are repeated multiple times, worded differently and always keep a copy, people that have a limited education tend not to understand the differences which the DWP deliberately fail to recognise as it doesn't meet their benefit reduction target. I have just sent mine back, it took 7 days to get to me with a 4 week deadline, fortunately my condition is almost unchanged, very slightly worse and I didn't need the DRA to help out, if I did then I can't see them until late January and 4 weeks isn't long enough let alone with Christmas post, so it only gave me days to complete as it takes 2 weeks for them to deal with it in their system after they get it back.

  • Thank you, Yes I am pretty much in the same position it took a week to arrive and the time limit starts when they post it. It has be returned by 5th of January and I need to allow for all the bank holidays in between and the back log of post. Plus the postal strike.

    But I will complete it carefully and get it back by the deadline.

    Thank you again for your advice.

  • Smithfield, if you ring the DWP & tell them it took a week to arrive (possibly due to the Christmas post) then they may give you an extension to the return date on the covering letter.

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