Ambulance call

Gosh i am shattered today. Mum had a fall at 4.00 a.m this morning. She ended up sat on the floor and ofcourse i couldnt move her. I have lost count of the times this has happened. Nurse came this morning at 8.30 this morning whoopee awake again to do some bloods for Mum and couldnt get any. went back to bed again couldnt sleep. Sorry for moaning everyone.

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Hi Sharon, what age is your mum? Mine is 83. Could her potassium levels be low that can be quite common in the elderly? Hope u get a rest today, stress is very bad for us lot, but what can you do, we love our mums!


Hi Gina she is 77. Suffers from heart probs and many other things too. Thanku for your message.


you must consider getting help.. carers grant,, carers allowance as I said could fund it.. you have two things to deal with your health and your mums,, have you any other famliy who could help too? could be potassium, blood pressure problems, or the heart itself, your dr might need to review her meds or refer her to a cardiologist xx


Hi summer yes i now get carers allowance. Mum has suffered from low potassium in the past. I am going to ask our gp to refer her to the Cardiac Matron as I really need some support with her.


Hi Sharon

You poor love this is not what you need, I hope mum is OK can you get any help o/night does mum live with you?

Thinking of you

Take care

Tricia x


Yes Mum lives with me and I love her but it is very hard sometimes. She has mood swings sometimes she gets very down, which I understand but its hard for me too. The only time I had any real rest from it was when I broke my hip and wrist and was away in hospital for 6 weeks. I sometimes joke that I should do it again so I can get another break. But ofcourse I wont do that as that is a bit extreme.


Do you have any carers groups in your area? We have a really good one in our neck of the woods that is funded by the local council.

Its called Care for the Carers. They are really good for support and signposting carers on to other appropriate services.

Do feel for you, as Im aware from my job having alot of contact with carers of Younger People with Dementia) that being a carer is very very stressful and carers themselves suffer adverse health simply from the stress and strain of being fulltime carers.Thats without pre exisiting conditions such as RA.So in a way its vital you dont feel guilty and feel able to look after yourself..... get those dancing shoes on !!!!

I agree with Summer Im sure you would be eligible for support from Adult Social Care if youve not already asked for an assessment because in a way both you and mum are as they say in Adult care lingo " vulnerable adults" thats according to most LA definition of what it means to be a vulnerable adult. You can look your LA definition up on their website. Its surprisingly broad.

Best to you x