Going on benepali for the first time

Hi im going on benepali for the first time soon i was on enbrel for 7 years but ended up with majoccolus disease so had to come off them been off enbrel for 3 years but now have worsr arthritis i have problems with my spine and the MSK consultant as asked for me to go on theese injections im just a little worrid and hope this dosnt start the disease bk on my leg the rhumy doc and nurse no i have had it but they are putting me back on them just a little worried

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  • Hi mbw159,

    Can I just ask you to confirm if you mean Majocchi’s Disease? Our Helpline team have had a look and can't find any correlation between Biologic medication (e.g. Enbrel/Benapali) but there was a form of this disease relating to the taking of NSAIDs e.g. aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen etc.

    Kind regards


  • Yes its caused by enbrel i used it for 7 years and it was the dermo consultant that confirmed this its a fungus disease caused by the enbrel injection i had to stop the injections but a little puzzeld why im going on benepli soon as this has some of the same things in the injection

  • Hi mbw159,

    Unfortunately we don't know enough about Majocchi’s to be able to say if it will come back a second time on Benepali but as they are biologically similar I would imagine that could be a risk it would. There are other Biologic treatments available so I would definitely go back to your consultant to ask why that isn't an option for you and encourage them to speak to your dermatologist as well.

    Best wishes


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