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Just had a funny half hour

I saw my Dr today. She has agreed that Amitriptyline is not for me, so I am onto a different drug: Mirtazapine. I will find out tonight if they work.

On another note, I just had a funny half hour. The vision in my left eye became so blurry that I couldn't see straight. I am going to see (there is no way of writing this sentence without there being a pun, so sorry) how it goes.

How is everyone today?


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Also having problems with my eyes. Been ongoing for a couple of weeks now, keep thinking my glasses are dirty....sort of swirling mists, mainly in my left eye...not very bad but off putting.

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It might be sensible to consult an optician - they can check out your retina and also check for dry eyes.

Dry eyes can give me blurry vision because of the mucus that the front of the eye produces when it gets dry and inflamed.

But I've also had a small bleed at the back of the eye - but that was more like a black snowstorm.

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