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A.S patient regarding Indometacin

hi,everyone, I'm a patient of A.S (Ankylosing Spondylitis). I'm taking indometacin 25 mg 3 tablets per day for almost 2.5 years.

it is safe for for me using this drug for long term??



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Hiya renesa. As with any med if it's not causing you any other problems, you're on the lowest effective dose & it's working for you then it's usually ok to take longer term. What I've found with NSAIDs is they can become less effective the longer I'm on them so as long as it's working well enough, it's not affecting your creatinine levels (kidneys) & you're also prescribed a ppi (stomach protector, omeprazole or similar) or there shouldn't be any reason not to continue on your indometacin.

If there's any other reason you're concerned about taking it you could ask your Rheumy or Pharmacist to perform a med review.

Hope this helps.


People do stay on just NSAIDs for long periods, although it is't ideal from the point of view of gastro-intestinal bleeding and probably longer term effects in raising the risk of Cardiovascular disease.

But if you are just on a NSAID, has anyone discussed any other disease suppressing medication? If you are needing to take the NSAID daily, perhaps this is a discussion to have with your rheumatologist?


I was on 75mg Indometacin twice a day for over 25 years. Everyone's different, I must have a strong gut as I've not had ulcers and only prescribed proton pump inhibitors 8 years ago. Hopefully you'll be absolutely fine.


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