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Pain Stiffness

Hi! How are things with you all in this horrible weather? I am having a lot of pain & Stiffness today. My fingers & feet swollen & aching.

On top of it I had a phone from my hospital to say the specialist nurse is sick so my Monday appointment is cancelled. They could not give me another appointment till next year. I asked to speak to Consultant secretary & explained I do not have enough tablets and as I am away in December I need to see nurse or Consultant because I need to take Malaria tablets etc. The secretary said she will come back to me or if she does not ring today then I can call back tomorrow???

I have had no blood test after increasing my Methatraxate either?

Sorry to be going on. U

Has anybody have problems with certain food? Or has anybody tried any different food? T

Thanks all😊

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Do you have shared care? or is all your care done by the hospital. If the latter, then you definitely need to press them to sort out your meds and your blood tests! If the former, then you need to be seeing them about it.

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I see specialist nurse but she is sick & have seen Consultant only once.

They increased medicine but no blood test. The staff who rang me was only Admin staff.

I rang this morning the consultant's secretary who had asked me to call her if I do not hear from her, but I was told she is on training. Her Manager asked me to call back after 3hours.

I have Peptic ulcer test on next Thursday so I have decided to go & insist to see the consultant even if I have to sit outside his office. I am so determined because I do not want to waste my £5000 holiday money. I am also so so annoyed.

Sorry for the moan.😌

Thank you again

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You are not moaning - you are rightly complaining about a lack of reasonable and safe management of your condition. Continue to do so calmly and persistently!!!

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