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Pneumonia vaccine mid flair?

Hi everyone

I booked in to have the pneumonia vaccine on Monday morning but really suffering with the old rheumatoid these days as the mtx doesn't seem to be holding it at bay. This has also included some days where I am running a fever. My question is - is it still ok to have the vaccine? I can't really wait until I am all well and better as who knows when that will be! Bitter laugh!

Thanks all


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Hi- I had both my flu and pneumonia jab whilst flaring as I've been flaring since this time last year! I'd go along for it and just mention your concerns when you get there.


I had both last year and no side effects at all.


If you were just saying because you're on MTX I shouldn't think it would matter, it's only those who are immunocompromised, receiving immunotherapy that may have a diminished immune response. But, would your Practice nurse know if you asked as you're supposed to defer vaccination in persons with moderate or severe acute illness, would a flare be thought to be an acute illness? I had mine yesterday & though I'm not in mid flare I'm not properly controlled either, I start leflunomide tonight (hence the Pneumovax). It's an odd one for you though my thoughts are you're better being protected than risking possible pneumonia?

Hope you receive more satisfactory answers!


I've had a look through the Green Book and there doesn't seem any reason why you shouldn't have it. Have a read yourself:



Thanks everyone as always. Really helpful.



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