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Blood tests

I recently had some blood tests done to check for vasculitis, also one which the rheumatologist called a muscle test. he said he would check for poly mysotosis. I have received the results today but of course I only understand the ESR and CRP.I have a result with a star for Neutrophil Cytoplasmic antibody( AN with positive.P The normal result would be Negative, so does anyone know what that means? Myeloperoxidease(MPO) ANCA is<).02 and Proteinase 3 (PR3) ANCA0.2 I suppose these are not normal either. I am being treated with steroids and Benapali and wonder if I am on the right treatment.

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Here's a link to the page about these tests on labtestsonline, which is a reliable site

It's good that the docs aren't sitting back but are checking that they have the right diagnosis. But I wouldn't worry too much about treatment right now as generally steroids & DMARDs (including biologics) are used for many of these diseases. They are all in the same sort of family of auto-immune conditions. I have RA, and one of my sisters has body myosotis and the other has another inflammatory disease.....


Thank you for your reply. I feel the Drs have been sitting back and not investigating further. My Dr has written about three times and been ignored. This time I was urged by my chiropractor to ask about vasculitis, plus ask why no one is doing anything about my hip as he thinks it should be checked for Avascular necrosis. I asked and the rheumatologist said my hip couldn't be investigated unless by an mri scan so would I like one? I said "Yes please" The vasculitis could only be investigated by a blood test and he asked if I would like one of those. I do feel they should have been done before and not just because i asked about those things.


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