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Rhuematoid diagnosis

Hi all

Thanks for letting me join your group, I have just been diagnosed with RA I begin my treatment on sat, I've been in so much pain for the last 10 months and I'm finding it very difficult to walk in the mornings , I'm a home care worker so am constantly on my feet or driving, I have been prescribed methotrexate , folic acid and celecoxib, I really hope these work as I have been on steroids for 6 months whilst they tried to diagnose me and I would really like to come off them as I'm worried about the damage they are doing, I'm also worried I may have to give up my job, any tips would be greatly appreciated

Thanks Helen

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MTX will take up to three months to really work,some people find it works straight away others it takes longer.So be patient and keep as active as you can darling. |Keep working as long as you can as well. If you have any queries speak to your rheumy or rink NRAS helpline and get their advice as well.xxxx


Hi Helen,

I had the same worries when I was diagnosed with ra about having to give up my job as it is physically and mentally demanding. Pre medication I used to 'hide' my pain and when I came home I was too exhausted to even cry about having to get up and struggle through the next shift. Good news is the meds I'm on make it as if I never had ra. The only changes I've had to make is to reduce my hours to achieve a good 'work life balance'. Speak to your boss or occy health so as work are aware of what's going on and may be able to make temporary adjustments while you get your meds sorted.

It's not an easy disease with a one medication fits all therapy but while you're in the early stages of treatment be honest about what your body needs emotionally and what you can do physically. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and I wish you luck in finding the right balance for you.


Welcome to the group. you will find much support and love here...


just wanted to wish you all the best with your treatment, I hope you feel much better soon x

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Hopefully there will be a med intervention that gives you relief and few side effects so you can get back to being you. It is a journey, but something better will come eventually. Hang in there and try to not get overwhelmed. You have taken the first step. Best of Luck.


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