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Latent T,B,


Seen the chest doctor today diagnosed latent T.B.Tests were done In case I need to go on biologics in the future.on a 3mth.Course of unlikely I can start on ciclosporin until this is completed .this from chest doctor,no wonder havn,t received drug education appt.It,s just a shame rheumy didn,t tell me this,been getting wound up waiting for communication!!

It,s a mystery to me .where's this come from!

Meanwhile left on maintenance dose of pred.7.5 mg.

No dmards......things are just going from bad to worse..

This would probably never been picked up on if the first choice of drug for R,A. had been successful.

Will it ever end!,,....just don,t seem to be getting anywhere,been back and forth to hosp. For over 12mths.really fed up.

Anyone else had this problem.?

Meanwhile hair still shedding .stopped mex 6wks, ago.........

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I can remember having a chest X-ray before I even started on methotrexate - I thought this was routine.

Yes I also had chest X-ray before starting on mex.i failed the blood tests for T,B.therefore was sent for X-ray.this is Incase I ever get to go for biologics.

When and how the T.B. Came along is a mystery, as is this disease!!!

I had an Xray before starting MXT

Did not have any feedback of results therefore I assumed it was ok.

That is a chest Xray

i went on cimzia biologics but it didnt agree with me but i heard it works really well on some people we a

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