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Hi, I have been reading up on the use of Boswellia, which is supposed to be very good for RA sufferers, in that it reduces the effects of inflammation. Has anyone tried it, as I would like some feedback please. Thank you.

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I tried Boswellia and Commiphora in the cream form to rub into joints. It was quite a few years ago and I didn't notice any difference I'm afraid. I got it from the Skin Shop £10 at the time and I notice they still sell it at that price. I haven't tried the capsule variety. The most soothing joint rub I have found so far has to be tiger balm- comes in a tiny pot but goes a long way and smells good too. They do two types. I like the white one best because you can use it on your face too, so I can use it for my migraines as well as my joints. The red one smells much more powerful (like deep heat).

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Hi LD1954,

Boswellia (or Indian Frankincence) does have strong anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties and previous studies have shows that it can be effective in the treatment of osteoarthritis.

Unfortunately, the results in trials for treatment of RA, as with most complimentary medicines, are fairly mixed.

Do have a word with your rheumatology nurse or consultant at your next appointment if you are considering starting any complimentary therapies as they may interfere with medication you are taking and/or have side effects to them.

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I use it in coconut oil with Helichrysum too, but more for skin than inflammation...


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