So got my form today to say I'll need to re apply completely. What another load of stress we dont need. They also said assessments will be after 12 weeks which will be once its run out. Last time i waited over a year. They didn't ask any of my doctors for information and wrote a load of lies on the form at the assessment. Already feel drained. How long has it taken people recently to get assesment?

Painfree hugs x

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  • Filed in the form sent it back assessed two weeks later results two weeks later

  • O thats amazing ! What part of the country are u in? Did u get the result u wanted ? I had 2 fight mine last time x

  • I had to fight real hard the first time and was called in for reassessment a year early and was better prepared this time I got enhanced care and standed mobility I am in south Yorkshire

  • This one is a tough one!! I had mine expiring july and had my assesment on 10th june and was awarded 2months later in august.

    Had to go for a preassesment. If you have medical letters do take them.all with you as they work in your favour and by no means do anything requested if you unless you are capable. Be firm ...you will be asked how your affected not what your condition is but how it effects you and youll be asked same thing in different ways throughout.

    Make sure you attend.

  • I did this all last time im just scared. I saw what she wrote last time to but they had to send it for audit before decision and then when i got a copy after refusal it wasnt what she had put. Bastards.im just scared of such a.long process again

  • They have improved a little since as there were issues with the atos contract and thise type of problems .So I think you will be fine this time

  • I'm going through this at present been dealing with it since beginning of March, scored zero after being on DLA, not awaiting tribunal, I suffer with Sero positive RA and Cervical Dystonia. Have now had to beg work to give me more hours as only got part time wage to live on. It has completely made me I'll. It's the most disgusting thing I've been through. I wish you the best of luck, get as much evidence as you can. Xx

  • Hi Lolly - I seems to be seeing a lot of people that are getting this same notice. I'm so sorry - It seems like it is counterproductive...

  • Turned down for PIP while I was too messed up to complain. ESA was ended after a zero assessment, which consisted of getting on and off a bed and raising one of my arms high enough to put on a hat. Now forced to struggle with the JSA. Not getting housing because of where I live. I have appealed the ESA and re-applied for PIP. Waiting on the edge of poverty.

    Friends and food vouchers have helped.

    Sometimes it is hard not to take this personally.

    keep pressing on and stay positive.

    Ken Loach has just made a film about this called... I, William Blake.

    Good luck and blessings to you.

  • The film is I, Daniel Blake. William Blake was a poet.

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