What a farce!

Been for my PIP assessment yesterday. How they can understand my condition and the problems and pain I have is beyond me., never got asked for instance to describe a day from morning to night. Never got got asked how it makes me feel. You get the picture. Will be very surprised if I am awarded anything. I suffer everyday and am getting more restricted in activities. Just shaking my head in disbelief of yesterday. Will know apparently in 6-8 weeks!

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  • Well apeal if you get refused darling. There are several people on here who have been refused and appealed so there will be plenty of support and people who can guide you through the process.xxxx

  • I never got asked anything about my daily life but I got awarded if the have read all you application form it could have already covered your need it could be that the have observed you and don't need to ask hope you hear good news I was only a month and all was sorted

  • It does seem to vary somewhat how assessments are performed Ellie. Mine was basically picking questions at random from the form & asked to expand on them, it makes me wonder if maybe I didn't give enough info & you did on how things like how your day pans out? I'm not sure you can second guess how it goes. I was awarded it & heard in a little over a fortnight but I think they need to give 6-8 weeks as a guide, hopefully you'll hear quickly. x

  • Hi the same happened to me on 28th September and I received my letter last Saturday. They have taken the mobility payment from me but I am appealing against it. These people don't have a clue !

    Good luck


  • Oh no Trish but I think I am going to be in the same boat.

    I'm already looking at second hand cars!

    Will you appeal?

  • Hi yes I have appealed against this decision if I fail I will have to get rid of my car. They asked if I drive a manual car or automatic. I tried to explain it was manual because I can't afford to buy an automatic. I'm just sick of having to fight for everything it just more stress to cope with !

  • I've been looking in Evans halshaw website my husband recommended it to me. They have fantastic automatics.

  • It's dreadful isn't it Ellie

    I've got it all to come, I'm just filling in the forms now and absolutely dreading the assessment! I'd rather have a flare!

  • I am just waiting for my forms to

    Arrive....already I think they will refuse me 😩😩

  • I sent PIP form in last week. Urgh, not looking forward to the medical and the wait afterwards. Will appeal if I get turned down but we don't need the stress do we. Joints not happy either, think it's the stress. XXX

  • They don't ask you to do much just stretch your arms out and ask if you can raise them. Ask if you can touch your toes. Take someone with you who knows what's it like for you everyday so they can chip in. The assessor was obviously reading from a script. I don't hold out much hope either. Was told to answer the questions by the benchmark of how you are on a bad day. I am having to give up work because of this condition. Paid taxes all my life so would be nice to think I would be awarded something. Not able to drive very much or do a lot of things I took for granted. Don't hold out much hope though. Hope you are successful.

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