Good news about no continuous assessments

This is such good and sensible news! I wonder if RA sufferers are included? But I am happy if it helps anyone with long term illness.

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  • I just saw it on disability website, maybe Mrs May has learned about long term illness from her involvement with NRAS?

  • I wonder if they'll now look at free prescriptions for RA patients?

  • Oh I didn't realise you have to pay! I am 'lucky' as cancer suffers are immune from charges. But that is only a relatively new thing. I hope you get a decision made on that too!

  • I am over 60 and i don't have to pay for my drugs

  • I too pay for my Prescriptions and have done so for 24 years, I really don't mind as my pre-payment card costs only £10.40 a month, for 20 items it's a bargain!

  • Well it is stupid and costly to keep putting people through all that when these conditions are likely to be lifelong.

  • the printing costs aloe must be massive. And it's put me off of hats!

  • Am I stupid? I don't get the hat joke? :-(

  • Nothing about RA on news. But other conditions are mentioned. But seems it will be stopped altogether. I bet a lot of assessors are worried! Haha.

  • It seemed to be suggesting if u were in the support group ie unable to work you will get your initial assessment but then no follow ups.

  • Ok well that's good. Let's hope its the start of other things to come. There are many other problems need sorting. Right across the board not just us.

  • Asthmatics have to pay for inhalers. As I seem to use up half the NHS drugs budget, I have a prepayment certificate for which I only pay half as I am in the Transport Benevolent Fund (I pay £1 a week and they find my drugs certificate).

  • About time

  • It's great news. I am not convinced it will apply to patients with conditions that may fluctuate like RA but I hope they will take each case on their merits.

    It will be hugely beneficial for people with progressive, degenerative conditions like motor neurone disease or those with profound, multiple learning disabilities who will never get better.

  • Crashdoll it appears they are scraping follow up assessments totally. So this does sound very good for everyone! But we must wait and see for sure.

  • I agree totally. They need more finesse when dealing with all the diverse illnesses and not just lump them all together.

  • This is good news rheumatoid arthritis is listed on DWP chronic illness list not good new to the changes from April 2017 for pensioners are to pay the bedroom tax so I have this forever now!

  • The BBC news yesterday certainly gave MS as the first example of a condition that will not be regularly reassessed and I thought that could fluctuate a great deal. Certainly as much as RA . The 'devil' as usual will be in the detail so guess we'll just have to wait and see. Let's hope not for too long.

  • Yes. I heard the whole repeated assessment process is being scraped (scrapped?). So that would mean everyone getting these benefits would be covered. Hope springs eternal!

  • Anyone knkw if this change will affect PIP assessments or just the work capability assessment for ESA? All will be revealed in time I suppose.

    I get free prescriptions living in Wales, think people in Scotland do too? Seems very unfair to those of you 'over the border' :-(

  • Yes it does seem unfair. United Kingdom my!

    Well I only get PIP so I assumed it covered both sections. Yes we have to wait. But any good that helps some is welcome. After my recent assessment which made me a little angry as I feel all the medical written evidence could be checked and based on that without putting me thru that farce. So if they want to keep assessing me unnecessarily let em! But I think they realise its stupid and costly. Medical evidence in writing is enough!

  • It is a farce Cathy, it's an insult to drs too, they are treated as though they don't know what they're talking about. What a waste of time and money.

  • Yep. Well someone with some damn common sense at last has reformed it. Yes it is highly insulting to doctors. I presented recent written evidence of all my medical conditions and it was basically not trusted! Grr!

  • Just ESA

  • Oh that's a bummer! But at least it helps others. I am awaiting outcome of my assessment so it may all be irrelevant if I get turned down! Was on DLA since 2011 and never assessed til now. Its all a great muddle really. A costly great muddle. X

  • NRAS has released a statement about the changes on our website here -

    NRAS is also part of the prescription charges coalition - a group of charities campaigning for free prescriptions for those with long-term conditions. You can read more about our work with them here -

    Kind regards


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