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Hi all wondering if you are able to apply for pip with no firm diagnosis I've been in constant pain for 2 years my wrists can be so bad that I've gotta pick my 7 month old up with my arms and ankles so awful that I can't leave the house as I've got 6 flights of stairs to do carrying a baby when I come back due to being in a top flat anyways I just don't think we can survive with one set of wages and I know I'm not close to a diagnosis yet😣 Any help would be appreciated xx

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  • It's tricky one Amy. Personally I would wait but I'm not you & only you know if now is the time, though I'm sure it would help if you could cut your hours if you were successful, more rest time is always good but quite how much you'd get with two littlies anyway, I know it must be hard. Anyway, to apply for PIP you to have been having problems for at least 3 months & need or expect to be affected by it for a further 9 months in order to claim PIP so that part is covered as you've been affected for 2 years. In theory you can apply without a diagnosis as it's not awarded on disability or severity but to help towards independence, in practice any formal evidence makes it 'easier', the more you can collate to include with your application the better it seems. The thing is as yet you've received no specific diagnosis & as part of the 'proof' required is written information supplied in the form of Specialist reports, Physio, GP etc, anyone who you are seen by or being treated by relating to your problems. So, it's up to you really, can you wait a little longer until you're diagnosed or is it worth setting the wheels in motion now? You could ask advice from any of the disability websites dealing with PIP or your local Welfare Rights Officer though, any of them may have a better idea. Either way I do hope it's not too long now until you know just what it is you're dealing with & start treatment, none of the meds for RD work with immediate effect, except that is for steroids though it's preferably not a long-term option. x

  • I can wait as I'm off just now on mat leave but things are far easier at home than working at the moment as I'm a nursery nurse so things like holding up the books when reading stories and sitting on tiny stools along with filling out planning sheets and children's folders are especially difficult as my hands and wrists are the worst effected, I will wait till my mat pay finishes and see where I'm at with a diagnosis thankyou for your help my doctors don't know how bad it's gotten since we last spoke 5 months ago so I don't think there letter would match what I would be writing in my claim letter anyways, I'm off to see them tommorow so may discuss it in more depth with her for when the time comes I swear I never thought I'd see myself in this place in my 20's 😢xx

  • Yes. I did (a few years ago) and was successful in getting DLA. It is a wee bit different, as when you have a diagnosed disorder they can check that your problems match what would be expected from that disorder. You do have to have had the disability for a minimum length of time, and for it to be expected to continue for a further, I think, 6 months minimum. That means that if you are still undergoing investigations they may rule you out as they may think that the problem will be solved (or at least much reduced) within the next six months and your current disability wont be ongoing. If you can get sufficient evidence though that your problems are likely to be ongoing them it might be worth applying. Have a talk with your GP about where they think you are heading, and whether they think you will get a diagnosis and/or effective treatment within the next six months or so.

  • There are some good comments in pip payments already about the specific criteria you need to meet for applying. I am not aware of your specific housing status but it sounds like your property is not ideal for your needs and maybe the local housing office or shelter housing advice line is also worth looking at.

    Most agencies will speak to you on the phone or visit you if you cannot get to them.

  • It's most deffinetly not atall suitable if it's just myself then the stairs are ok but with the kids it's horrible as my 2 year old runs ahead then I've gotta catch him up as he's soo clumsy he's already broken 2 bones🙈, then carrying a 22lb baby up aswell its awful🙈 I'm actually going to phone the housing association today see if they will help me for now x

  • I would apply. The worst they can do is say no, and you can always re apply when you have a diagnosis. And as earthwitch says, get an appointment with your gp to let him/her know the extent of your problems and also to give him/her the heads up that you are applying for pip, and you would like to put their name down to write a report if necessary. Good luck.

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