Biosimilar benepali

Hi everyone, hope all ok?

Just a quickie, been to rheumy this week and my enbrel is being switched to biosimilar benepali as its now cheaper to make etc! Been on enbrel 6 yrs and has been a life changer to me, I've set up my own business, feel so much better doing so, but am now worried about how these will effect me, if at all I hope and I take a step backwards again!

Has anyone else been changed and has it had a detrimental effect on you or has nothing changed at all!?

I know its supposed to be pretty much the same, but it's still not the same in my eyes!?

Hope you guys can help??



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  • Hi Dave I've been on it a month now and it's changed my life, going to the gym most days and can even manage body step which is amazing afterwards not at the time it isnt😬

  • Hi popsmith that's great to hear,glad ur doing so well!

    I was more concerned from the switch from enbrel to a biosimilar and if people had any issues?

    Did u start a biosimilar from the start or did u have one of the original biologic drugs like enbrel or humira?



  • Hi I started it from sctatch after failing on 3 dmards sulfazalasine, hydroxocloroquine and methetrexate, I'm still on the methetrexate as my Rheumy likes to put the 2 together but have dropped the other 2 everything good so far

  • There are a couple of people who've posted about changing over. Use the search box in top right of your screen and you'll find their posts. Seems like it's been fine for them.

  • Hi Dave74,

    I am having a nurse coming to my home tomorrow to show me how to inject the Benepali. I have been using Enbrel and Azathioprine together for about 5 years without any problems. I hope that Benepali will not be a problem for any of us switching over from Enbrel.

    My rheumatologist has said because Benepali is cheaper, it will enable more patients to be able to have this medicine too. I wish you the best of luck with your switchover.

  • Hi daizychainz, thanks for the reply!

    I was at hospital on Tues and got told I was changing, no discussion or anything, I said about it being cheaper and would more people be now on it and she said no!

    I've been on enbrel for 6 yrs and beenn in remission most of those! I also wanted my wrist injected as they need doing yearly and she refused that too!! So I'm peed of to be honest, changing meds wen don't need to and no steroid to stop my pain!

    I work for myself so my health is very important to me, as can't have sick days! I hope this stuff works too, my view is if it's not broken............!!!

    I've asked for a call tomorrow as I feel they are playing the health lottery with me!!

    Thanks again


  • Hi Ant, are you on Benepali now? We are looking for people who having started using it and reimbursing them £60 for an hour of the time :) let me know, Tom

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