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Dietary Change


Just watched The Game Changers on Netflix. Has anyone else seen this?

It looks at the effects of athletes switching from meat based diets to plant based.

It talks, at high level, about a few advantages, increased energy, reduced cholesterol, reduced inflammation & the benefits of each.

Annoyingly it doesn't give a meal plan as one of the athletes followed for an example.

Obviously reduced inflammation is of massive interest...

The documentary notes animal protein as something that triggers inflammation due the affect animal products have on the gut. It mentioned different bacteria & the chemicals they produce.

Has anyone seen / read anything else that supports this?

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It all depends on you and your personal problems with your metabolism.It may and may not,how much or how little.

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Absolutely. Thats why I am curious if anyone has seen anything else.

I’ve read lots of things that suggest meat and gluten free diet will reduce inflammation but I’ve not gone that route yet.

I've been a mostly vegetarian for over 30 years. I eat very few sweets or junk food. It didn't stop me from developing RA. My blood inflammation markers are always low, though, which my rheumy seems to think is probably at least partly due to my diet (a Mediterranean type vegetarian/very low processed food diet is what he recommends). But I still have plenty of joint swelling and pain (or at least I did before Enbrel). But I think it's all total guesswork. It's very hard to do solid studies of diet, because it either involves locking people away from the world for many months (if not years), or it relies on self reporting, which is notoriously inaccurate. I also tend to think that when people make what they see as a positive change in their diet, something as simple as cutting back on sugar and other junk foods, it does make them feel better overall. And even for those with an already very good diet who make a tweak there's the placebo effect. I think for many people that's huge. But getting back to the documentary--it's often eye opening to Google "criticisms of [name of documentary or book or whatever]." Usually you get a lot of reading that disputes some of the things presented as stone cold facts. Most documentaries nowadays involve lots of cherry picking of data.

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Agree with everything you note. Dietary I'm trying to go gluten free.

I have always liked history so a fairly avid reader & documentary watcher. Noticed some very large differences in reporting on the same points...

Thanks for sharing your experience.

Many things cause inflammation as an example in an athlete. If you eat too much protein or too little or if you excersize too much all depends what YOUR underlying metabolism looks like.You need to check that first!

I see that you haven’t noticed the reports the I’ll effects on meta bolism when you excersize too much or you eat too little carbs? Everything in our bodies is dependent on each other to function well.

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