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Is omeprazole necessary with Naproxen?  

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I have recently been diagnosed with RA and am currently only taking Naproxen. My last prescription included omeprazole too to avoid stomach issues that can be caused by naproxen. I seem to be fine taking both but have read that omeprazole can have a detrimental effect on stomach acid with regards to Hashimoto's (which I also have). Should I take an alternative to omeprazole - say cider vinegar? Or something else more natural? I'll soon be on methotrexate and possibly abatacept too (a clinical trial).

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Some people can take NSAIDs without stomach protectors. The important thing though is not to continue with the NSAIDs (or start taking stomach protec tors) if you do start getting stomach issues. There are other sorts of stomach protectors you could try if you needed them and you didn't want to take Proton Pump inhibitors (PPIs like omeprazole) - ranitidine, or even things like gaviscon can work just as well. I used to take ranitidine, as omeprazole decreased my stomach acid far too much, leading to gastroparesis and having to take metoclopramide to deal with that.

Enteric coated Naproxen may help.

I would talk to the pharmacist about this. They can look it up for you and give you accurate information.

Whatever the problems you experience with Naproxen, I think it likely you will need to stop after a couple of months anyway because it won't work. It did little for me except give me diarrhoea. It took the edge off the pain of a frozen shoulder, which enabled me to go to the gym and swim to loosen up. It did absolutely nothing for any other pain, including hand pain. Then, after a couple of months it did not work at all.

I don't know if any other pain killers might work, such as antiprostaglandins and phenylanaline. I used to take these for another condition many years ago and am going to give them a try. There are no side effects.

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It's worked for me - for 15+ years!

Naproxen isn't always prescribed as a pain killer alone.

Naproxen is an anti inflammatory which on taking regularly reduces swelling and is a valuable tool in many people's armoury against RA symptoms.

I think since Diclofenac was shown to raise risks of stroke etc Naproxen has become the drug of choice for its anti inflammatory properties.

If I suffer the awful indescribable pain of a flare nothing will touch it though I have Tramadol kept in reserve for these occasions ( few and far between now I'm on Embrel thank God)

I think it's wise to take it with a stomach protector like Omaprezole.

I've been taking Naproxen on its own for over 15 years, due to arthritis. I used to take it in combination with Omeprazole but stopped because of the side-effects (rash/hives, dizziness and diarrhoea). I stopped my Naproxen 2 weeks ago as I have concerns regarding the stomach-bleeding issue but my arthritis is back with a vengeance - and it has even answered my unasked question regarding the back and neck pain I used to get, which has also now returned.

I'm thinking seriously about going back onto Naproxen as the affects not only my daily but also my sporting life (I'm a fencer, despite being almost 70). I still have concerns re the stomach-bleeding, especially as it can apparently happen very quickly and without warning, but I'm hoping that my experience so far means that I'm perhaps one of the lucky ones who aren't affected by it. I'm still tossing up whether to take a low dose of Omeprazole maybe every other day, just to offset the risk, but I can certainly say that I've had no problems of this sort in the last 15 years - but I'm aware that that is no guarantee!

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