My docs are unbelievable

I have clear symptoms of bone spurs in hands and sternum with grating sensations throughout most of my joints but just because i tested negative for RA they don't think they should refer me to a rheumatologist so i should just wait it out? I'm so aggravated with them. Even if i tested negative for RA first off I'm 18 so i could be seronegative or what i think i just have OA instead which would explain a lot and the reason my blood work came back negative they only tested for RA and AI why stop there? There motivation is only for money they don't care at all and it's hard to witness.

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  • Try and see another dr who will refer you as the sooner they find out whats wrong the quicker you can get treated and stop of long term damage.xxxxx

  • I understand You because me, I have multifocal osteomyelitis in manu bones and the doctors interprete like osteoartritis . But it is not trou.And now it sread in m'y brain muscles heart and I have condensation in the lung. They wait I die. Because they dis wrong until now and because the treatement are expansive . You Can take also with your medication : Cordyceps from China in internet,vitamine D 20 micro 2 a day ,glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate from Holland and Barette . Dis you have a loyer no win no fee ?

  • Wow...

    I'm so sorry to read your comment. It couldn't be more wrong.

    It a really good idea my friend to keep banging away st the Dr to get a refural to a Consultant be it for Osteo Arthritis so don't turn this offer down as if you're correct in your belief that you have R. A. the Osteo guy will send you along to a Rheumatologist anyway. I had exactly the same trouble with my G. P. who behaved as yours did.

    Evidently this Dr will refer you for O. A. so I advise you to take the line of least resistance as the outcome will at least get things moving for you

    I know it sounds defeatists but your Dr has it in his head even if you like screaming take the referral is my advice. I did & was soon forwarded to the Rheu. Clinic instead of having the same conversation with my GP as you are doing. OK

    Good luck & I hope this isn't RA as it's far better to not have it in your life. Jenn

  • Do you have raised inflammation markers, joints that are hot and red and swollen, and morning stiffness? These are also strong indicators of an inflammatory arthritis that your doc should pay attention to even if the antibody tests are negative.

    But you need to push for an answer from your doctor to the basic question of "if not RA then what then is wrong with me and how do you propose to treat it"? At 18 it's not right that you should be ignored for something that is potentially causing you damage.

  • You have arthritis, whatever form is no matter. Insist on being referred to a rheumatologist and if this is not agreed to change your GP. Whilst this is going on without appropriate treatment your joints are being damaged

  • I don't have red swollen areas that have a sensation of warmth, and i noticed a doc saying that to me once. " well i don't see any redness anywhere " but hands do feel swollen at times even if it doesn't look it and i get morning stiffness only it lasts about 20 to 30 min then i just take a shower to heat up my joints and i make sure i don't do anything at all really the whole day bc any activity increases my pain significantly. It's scary bc my hands are important to me of course we use them every min of the day but the fact I'm feeling this pain and grating feeling throughout my other joints like toes, ankles, knees, and elbows is even more scary. I also know RA is known to be symmetrical and yes my pain seems to be symmetrical but i have also noticed one side is usually worse than the other. Which is known to be related to OA. I have an appointment with them in a week and i plan on getting help immediately after i talk to them hopefully.

  • RA diagnosed and treated for 10 years. There is NOTHING symmetrical about it. That is absolute Bull xxxx.

  • Find out how much it is to go private , wish I did.


  • Go private?

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