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Hi everyone is it normal to have weight loss with this disease. I was never a big un usually hovered around eleven n a a half stone. In the last few yrs its slowly decreased now levelled off at approx nine and a half stone. To light for me but cant seem to get heavier. I feel slightly weaker as well as in arm strength. Maybe im just looking to be back to normal. Dont really know.

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  • I lost 3 and a half stone in a few weeks when I first went to see the doctor in 2013 was told I had r a its just stopped dropping off and last month I put two pounds on I have been in chocolate cake heaven to get there now a size 10/12 was a 16/18

  • That is a lot to lose in such a short time. Your chocolate cake diet sounds cracking. I do like a bit of cake myself( sweet tooth). Thats if i can get a piece as my grandson loves it to and he's hard to beat haha. I guess for me tho its just cos im a fella and im in the building trade and it doesn feel right being a bit to thin but these are the cards were dealt so hey ho.

  • If anyone knows how to put healthy weight on, I'd love to know as I am feeling skinny and unfeminine. However, swapping my usual baggy work attire for figure-hugging clothes has actually made me feel better as the other women are quite envious. I'm looking into protein bars at the minute.

    Yesterday after work I called at Tesco, then panicked when I got back to the car with three very heavy bags of shopping, wondering how the hell I was going to lift them out of the trolley, and thinking I was going to have to unpack them into the car. After several failed attempts, I did manage to lift them, but I must remember to take more bags in future. Or get them delivered as I usually do!

  • I lost nearly 2 stone in a few weeks when i first took RA.I was on Supha at the and felt so unwell what meds are you on

  • Hi im on 12.5 mg of methrotexate weekly. 75mg of diclofenac anti inflamatory daily. Folic acid for nausea and i inject humira once every 2 weeks.

  • That's a bit worrying as I have just got back from collecting my first prescription of Sulphasalazine! The GP brought up the rheumatologist's letter onscreen and it said that I "was keen to try Sulphasalazine". No, I am not keen to try it. I'm terrified. The GP wasn't particularly reassuring about any of the RA drugs. But then, that is why I chose to see him. I don't feel he minimises the dangers of drugs, and he doesn't push unnecessary drugs at me like some of the other GPs.

  • Yeah i know what you mean about the protein bars im trying them to. But to be beneficial you need the ones with at least 20 mgs + of protein in them as one of them a day is enough. Eggs are good to and high in protein. Ive been trying the drinks to. The one ive got is called P.H.D Advanced mass. You have to make it a bit waterier than on the instructions tho or its like drinking porridge. I havent had any for a while as i got fed up of it but am gonna start again as it does help weight gain.

  • I do eat eggs - in moderation. I'm on an anti-inflammatory diet, plus I'm meat and gluten free. It's not easy finding things that help with weight gain, and I think that it probably needs to be combined with the right kind of exercise so as not to gained as belly fat. That is the one thing I'm not missing!

  • Yeah i know what you mean after i,d had one of the drinks my stomach was a bit swollen as these drinks are like a big meal but i guess as im still working in the building trade i worked it off and i just reckoned the weight gain would come slowly over time and would spread over my body rather than just stay on my stomach. Think it was working to so thats why i should get back to taking them. To be completely honest sometimes i just cant be bothered and all o want to do after ive had my evening meal is pop a couple of painkillers and jump into a nice hot bath. After an hour in there i feel like i did before i got R.A. and even tho that feeling is short lived its so good.

  • Maybe a checkup with your Gp just as a precaution, If you haven't changed your diet since dx. I have to watch my weight as I put it on round my tum area, I don't like to put too much stress on my joints. I have a low carb high protein diet, I rarely eat gluten products or sugar, but the last few months have fallen by the wayside somewhat. I am on low dose steroids as well but they make me hungry. I think muscle loss is usual but as you have a physical job maybe you burn off the calories.

  • Yeah your probably right about the job. I did have a check up a while ago with my gp. He basically advised eating more calorie laden foods etc to gain a bit more weight. Its not just as easy as that and apart from my wife whose a great lass and closr family the only ppl that truly understand are the ones on here and all the others that havent discovered this site yet. Take care

  • Thank you. I have a very supportive family and partner too. I don't like to burden them too much, so have found this site invaluable. Have learnt a lot. Good luck to you.

  • Hi Gazza, seems were unlucky,I have lost loads of weight over the last 18 months, to the point of going from size 14 to size 8 ! and I'm on steroids.My rheumy said I'm just one of the unlucky people who react like this, no cancer or anything, just our bodies and RA. I am looking into protein bars,and drinks,as feel quite weak at this low weight,also stomach shrinks,so can't eat to much at once.If I find something that piles the weight back on,will let you know.Good luck.x


  • Hi Gazza I have lost half a stone in two weeks - and there I was worried about becoming round on the steroids 😂 But the Meds seem to have made me visiting the bathroom far too much 😬😬

  • I must be the weirdest person around then. My weight went up when I was on steroids. After three yrs of it my gallbladder revolted. The weight melted off. I am 52 and weigh between 125 and 130 pounds. The higher my MTX dose is, (15mg now) the less I want to eat. Almost all food taste like cardboard. It has to be a strong flavor for me to taste it, like berry, pom or coffee. I should also note that I am on a very strict diet anyway. I have diverticulitis. Weird thing is when I stop MTX for an infection I get an appetite. It's a back and forth thing for me.

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