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Off enbrel, now strange symptons

Posted this a couple of dsys ago, somehow I seemed to have hidden it (?)

Had to come off enbrel pre op 14 days ago,now getting some strange symptons, feely trembly, ache in back of neck, dizzy, just wondered if its a kind of withdrawal thing or just anxeity about op. Not much RA pain yet tho. My husband has cervical spondylosis and says it sounds just like it.

Ibuprofen does help.

Any suggestions please


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As you describe it, it sounds just the symptoms I get when I am anxious. I tighten up my shoulders and neck and don't breathe properly. That gives me a painful neck and top of the back and I feel strange and dizzy. I treat it by lying down, putting my hands on my lower chest with my elbows out and breathe gently in and out counting the breath so that I slow it down and deepen it.

Of course, I also have some neck joint problems and letting the neck muscles get tense makes that pain worse too!


Thank you, yes it does seem to be muscle spasms in my neck according to my GP.will try your method to ease it.


It could be a mix of all your suggestions withdrawal, anxiety and maybe RA creeping in. Hope it is not the start of an infection/cold as that may put your op back. Good luck with the op. If it is getting worse maybe a check up with your GP before your hosp appointment. Farm


Thank you.Went to GP today and it seems as though its muscles spasms in my neck probably brought on by all of the above,, at lest not an infection.


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