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I actually found a rheumatologist

I finally found one that takes my insurance and I've been referred to him but it's been a week already and i still haven't gotten a call from him. Does it usually take awhile for them to contact you? I just am so worried about my symptoms and i want to be fixed so i can get back to playing guitar like i used to

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Hi Lilynette. It depends what country you are from. In Canada your GP can fast track you to a rheumy. I suggest you politely tell your doctor to fast track you.


KKEP CALLING!!!! Bug them everyday til they call you back☺️


It should not take too long if you want to see a rheumatologist privately . Keep calling them as the disease should be controlled as soon as possible.

Best of luck

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Yes keep calling. But do be prepared for a wait for an appointment as it will depend on how many patients he has. Many rheumatologists are completely overloaded - in all countries, not just in UK. So it can take a while as they may only be able to book you in for an appointment many weeks away.


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