MTX blood results are not where they should be...what next?

I had my blood tested yesterday and I just read my results online.

WBC is 3.8 should be between 4.0 - 11

Hemoglobin is 112 should be between 115 -160

Neutrophlis is 1.4 should be between 2.0 -8.0

Is my doctor going to call me tomorrow to stop mtx?? I took my 4 th dose last Friday.

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  • I'll think they'll just keep a watchful eye on you! Especially if your liver function is OK. Just below the normal range is pretty standard for anyone on MTX.

  • Oh thankyou Matilda7 for easing my mind. It's 1:35am and now I can go to sleep in peace. :)

  • Pleased to have been able to help.

  • I didn't mean to offend you. I was tired last night and it didn't come out right.

    I am asked to have blood tests every 2 weeks following the start of MXT tablets then go monthly after 8 weeks. Directions from consultant.

    After 4 months and following a review by a specialist nurse hydroxychloroquine was added. I'm told to continue monthly blood tests. With adding hydroxychloroquine I had terrible nausea so have been converted to MXT injections. Again back to fort nightly blood tests for 8 weeks. I never hear what these results are and whether have improved or declined.

    But your saying neutrophils and WCC are down. I would just like to know my results to see how I'm doing.

    As some days I'm very tired and in a lot pain.

    My appointments are being cancelled so have not seen or spoken to any health professional for a while.

    I have thought of changing hospitals but I believe my local hospital is similar.

    Fortunately my GP is very supportive.

  • Oh no Matilda 1922 you did not offend me. You made me open my eyes and you stopped me from going down the dark path of despair. I am grateful to you.

  • Hi Sue,

    I feel for you, we get these results and it can throw us into a turmoil as to, What next??

    So far my results have all been within the normal range, so i can't really advise you . I hope you can continue on mtx and it's not going to be a case of, All Change!

    Good luck x

  • Not everyone has access to their results.

  • I wish I didn't now...Thanks for your reply Matilda1922.

    Your simple statement slapped me it the face. I mean, I sold beer for a living, so what do I know about mtx and blood results? I shouldn't panic until I am notified by my doctor to panic...such a simple statement that made me realize I need to relax and not "jump the gun"

    Take care

    Sue :)

  • Hi

    I've been on mtx for 2.5 years now, and a couple of added drugs! I go and collect a copy of blood test results most months. In all that time I've only had a few that were completely normal! Mostly haemaglobin ( down at 80 for quite a while) and esr ( up around the 100 mark for a while) and just about everything else at some point. I used to look it all up and panic myself, now I see that while something might be out one month, it's usually OK by next time and then something else is out. GPS check all results when in and will call you if there is anything to worry about. I have only ever had one call which I think was around the anaemia and was started on iron tablets.

    Most of us didn't see our blood results regularly before we started mtx, maybe they naturally change a little anyway?

  • Hello Beaches2, thankyou for writing this. It absolutly makes sence to me now. The doctors must average out the test results over a period of time.

  • Hey, don't worry.

    I have a blood test every 4 weeks now - I did get to the dizzying feat of one every 8 weeks at one point! I've also had to have them every two weeks.

    Most times when I ring for the results my GP wants to see me - I used to panic a bit but it has happened so often now I don't think twice about it.

    My liver function test results are all over the place since my MXT was increased 3 months ago. I had a liver scan last November, and was told I have liver diseasse, guess it's not liking more MXT.

    I guess what I am trying to say is don't worry - the monitoring is just that - monitoring. All results fluctuate - I work on the basis if there is anything seriously wrong they will let me know (then I can worry my socks off!).

    Perhaps I have simply become immune to worrying about it :-)

    Try not to worry, I put my faith in the experts and trust their judgement (they have a damn sight more idea than me!) xx

  • Jem95,

    I really wish I could place all my trust in the medical profession. I have a hard time placing trust in doctors due to 2 past medical tragedies that should of never happened if the 2 different doctors where competent.

    Deep down inside of me, I know the medical profession is amazingly competent, I just happened to come across the 2 most incompetent doctors in the world when I was 21 & 22years old. This has had a profound effect on me. I do not trust doctors on face value, BUT then again I should allow the doctor to notify me instead of me assuming "here we go again" with an incompatent doctor....I need to change my way of thinking...

    Thanks for letting me rant,


  • Rant away Sue - better out than in.

    Unfortunately I have seen the bad side of the NHS too - losing my dad in the most horrible circumstances in the Stafford Hospital debacle, I also lost my sister who didn't get the support and treatment she deserved. I still have faith and trust those treating me (gawd I'm starting to wonder why now!!).

    I have come such a long way since being diagnosed three years ago, they must be right.

    I can see why you are uneasy though.

  • I'm gobsmacked....I just read about the Stafford Hospital debacle.... I don't know what to say....the cruelty....I'm so sorry for your loss..unbelievable...

  • Hi suzannedale,

    Your results were considered okay since they were not too far out from the normal range. You need not worry about this really.

    It is good to keep track of your blood test results so that you can also monitor it personally and raise your question or doubt to your doctor immediately to clear your mind.

  • Thanks Amy lee for your reply. My GP never called, so everything is fine I guess. I'll see him next week and ask him about my bloods.

  • Hi, I had a 1.4 Neutrophils result when I first started MTX and it made me feel just like you. Looking back now though and like others and my doctor said in the scheme of things it isn't that low and to be expected especially when you first start it. I expect it would have bounced back by your next blood tests! Good luck 🙂

  • 3littlebirds2, thanks for easing my mind. I shouldn't panic.

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