Hi Guys hope you are all enjoying the fantastic sports on the telly.

I'm sat here with a beer watching Andy Murry ,( hope he wins ) it's been fantastic watching people compete at such a high level. It brings back memories of my past endeavours competitive swimming kayaking sailing ,etc. Now it takes me all my Time to walk.. Any way it's all in the memory bank so let's go forward and enjoy the elites fantastic performances. I'm trying to stay positive and take each day as it comes.

Hope you enjoy he rest of the Olympics.

Let's all have a stretch together.

Regards Mike

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  • Snap! Loving the sport- I used to compete in basketball once upon a time. I look at my bball post in the garden and wish I could throw a ball up there- used to spend at least 30mins shooting every day until this Jan 😕

  • Know the feeling mooin some days I carnt even reach the coffee pot of the top shelf, by the way Andy is doing really well ,I'm going to stay up as long as poss even though I'm knackered.

    Regards Mike

  • Andy won!!! Yay!

    Glad he did well. Loving the Olympics and it does bring back happy memories of sport for me as well. Happy armchair stretching. Lorna xx

  • Yip we are doing great and what athletes these sportsman are and the dedication is unbelievable. We can only dream xxx

  • Brilliant win from Murray! !! I saw the beginning 2 hrs and the last half an hour lol....bit tired this morning - think I'll chill in the sunshine in my garden...as it's mtx day-yay!!!😎😆

  • I've been watching catch up so a bit behind but trying not to know the results.

    Have a lovely day I'm working today.

  • Very far from Olympic standards, but I achieved something of my own miracle this last few days. For the first time in over a year at Fairport's Cropredy festival I was able to walk and walk and walk. Read the full story on my blog at foodandarthritis.blogspot.c...

  • And by the way I used to be in sport too but this RA has put paid to it.

    I did go for a bike ride yesterday first time in a while

  • Me too. Loved playing sport, but just watch these days. Still nice to remember how it felt. Same with music do not have the breath these days to play. But both these hobbies gave me an appreciation of them that will last a lifetime.

  • Congratulations to all our athletes, they are doing us proud.

  • As a 'decrepit old bird' recently re-born as a 'night bird' I'm ecstatic! What an uplifting set of events making a Sunday for which there are so many superlatives!

  • I've been obsessively watching the Olympics and thinking many the same thoughts myself! Cheers!

  • Hi Mike,

    Brilliant day of sport yesterday, really lifts the spirits. I've never got so excited about golf and Justin Rose sang our National Anthem with gusto. Would have loved to have stayed up to watch the 100m - Usain is fantastic but had to be sensible because of work. They are so supportive with my appointments and issues.

    So sorry you are struggling so much. I've had a tough 7 months but kept walking, albeit slowly and painfully, and am now improving and back to my Zumba class as well.

    It's hard to stay positive, but it does help. There were days when all I could say was "it doesn't hurt any worse when I walk"

    Thinking of you with empathy and sympathy


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