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Did dental work cause flare ?

I have been going along steadily with general improvements since diagnosis. I started injecting Metho about 4 weeks ago,I am on sulphasalazine, hydroxychloroquine and naproxen.

I had to have o root removed after my crown fell out of course this was not straight forward and took 2 dentists 20 mins! I had at least 8 numbing injections locally. It needs to heal before I have bridge work.

My problem is that 2 days later I had the worst pain and swelling ever ! I managed to get to see the out of hours GP this morning and she has prescribed steroids. This is the first time I have had oral steroids.

Please is there any tips when taking them?

Does anyone know if the injections the dentist gave me interfered with my condition or meds?

This is the worst pain I have had and I am upset as I thought I was making progress ;-(

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I don't know but it's funny your getting problems now after dental work, the oral steroids I can't help you with as I've never had them just injections, but this disease affects everything so I wouldn't be surprised

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I think there is a recognised link between stress (physical or emotional) and flares of most autoimmune conditions, so yes, I guess there could easily be a link with the dental work. Of course, equally it could have just been a random coincidence that you are flaring now.


Hi, I always have problems with dental wotk. I think thexDr should have given you antibiotics as well. Steroids always make me hungry and a little on edge but they do their job of reducing inflammation. If you are still suffering go back to dentist or Dr. Hugs xx


I am not sure if this is relevant because rules might be different now but about 12 years ago my rheumatologist told me that if I have any invasive treatment at dentist I must take antibiotics. Has anyone been told this?


I always flare when having invasive dental work. My dentist gives me antibiotics straight away after any treatment that might cause infection and I have also been given steroids by Gp at the same time in the past. Now I am on steroids full time so would already be covered. I also need a lot of injections regards numbing. If you still feel poorly please go back to your dentist and check you do not have an infection . Some years ago my infection would not clear until given antibiotics and sterioids then it healed very well. Tooth pain is horrible I hope you feel better soon.

I take my steroids first thing after a banana, it will line your stomach and easier to eat with a sore tooth. xx


Thanks all for your feedback, I have to say the Steroids worked amazingly quickly, a few hours and I had less pain and swelling!

I woke feeling a bit odd it soon passed.

I was not given any advice about antibiotics but just to look out for signs of infection?

I really don't want to take them if at all possible. Too many meds already!

I do believe the numbing injections caused the flare. I have had a few stressful events in the last few months but they didn't cause a flare anywhere close to the one on the weekend!

I may call the dentist to ask what it was for future reference.

Another month until consultant appointment. I am a bit unhappy that all the treatment this far hasn't worked as well as I hoped.

Just trying to take the best out of every good day/hour I get 😏


I fractured my tooth with no cavities. They had to extract the tooth last week. Along with RA, I also have menieres. I had extreme fatigue, and balance and ringing afterwards. I slept for a day and a half. And I felt like doing nothing for 3 days. So yes, it can set off RA and other autoimmune diseases.


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