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hi all, hope you are all having a pain free day. I have nearly been in remission last month and was feeling great, lots of energy and no pain, well now think am having a flare up, cannot move my middle finger without pain on my left hand, it even hurts to lay it down on the covers. its swollen to twice the size and its spread down to my hand and also on my same hand my index finger is following the same path. cannot bend it without pain and my shoulder is very painful, my energy is sapped even though have been sleeping for 10 hours each night on my days off. am back at work tomorrow and am dreading it! I have had to increase my codiene intake. I was only on 30mg once a day but now am on the maxium dose age. I had forgotten how much pain I use to be in. I am not due to see rummey nurse until 20th oct. I am down to 4grams of steroids and it will be 3grams in 2 weeks until I get off it. everything that use to hurt is coming back with vengence, I have so many things planned that I want to do and now have to pace myself once again. I am sorry for moaning as I know I do not have it as bad as some of you on here, but its just so unfair sometimes! It is getting so busy at work and my stress levels are increasing with the pressure.

I do not know if any of you have had this happening, but it concerns my left eye, its going to sound werid, but i see things that are not there and have had it seems a bright light seems to be shining in my eye, when am laying in bed, I dont know if its classed as floaters in my eye but it makes you feel like something is on my face, even though I know nothing is there! This is the same eye that always gets an infection in, it starts with my left eye watering for hours then I have pain in my eye followed by googey eyes in the morning. I have been to the opticains and they say everything is ok, but that was before I started seeing things, I dont see things all the time just sometimes and its always my left eye. even now when I am writing this it sounds werid!

just wanted to tell you and see if anyone else has this happening to them.

am hoping you are all ok on this miserable rainy day, think the summer has most certainly disappeared now unfortunatley.

Thanks for listening to me rambling on.

Carol xx

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What sort of things are you seeing? How old are you? Is it things like people, cats, dogs or is it threads / spiders like you would get with floaters?

I've had vitreous detachments in both eyes now and at the time I kept leaping up because I saw spiders appearing next to me - it wasn't, it was the detachment. Vitreous detachments are an age thing and eventually my eye settled down but it should be checked out.

If I were you I would make an appointment with your doctor, soon, tell him / her about the bright lights and that you are seeing things and say you want to be referred to an eye specialist asap


hi fruitandnutcase, its nothing like cats or dogs or even spiders, its like a spiders web but not the insect and I keep thinking its on my face, even though I cannot feel it but just see it, but of course its not there really. yes I will ring up my doctor tomorrow and try and get an appointment.

thank you for replying and not thinking I have gone mad, even though its sounds mad!

hope you are well today.


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Sounds like it might be a detached vitreous - I know mine drove me mad. One eye wasn't as bad as the other for some reason. In certain lights I could see almost a straight line of where it had detached, plus the spider of course.

Eventually after what was probably the best part of a year mine settled down but I can see why you're finding it challenging, it is very distracting. I used to feel really stupid suddenly leaping up and going 'Aargh' Hope you can get looked at, you don't want it to tear and go from a vitreous detachment to a detached retina.

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hi have just rang up the doctors and get an appointment at 5 today, so will see what happens.

thanks for your replies.

Carol x

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Couldn't believe it when I read your post. I had been on the verge of asking whether anybody had experienced this. I feel as though I have walked into a spider's web or alternatively that I have a hair on my face. I also think I have seen something out of the corner of my eye. What on earth can it be? Fortunately a year or so ago I had NLP sessions to cure my arachnophobia otherwise I would be really freaking out at the moment!

Am feeling rather disillusioned with the medical profession at the moment so don't even think it worth mentioning to any of them.

Please let me know if you get any definite answers.


I have just been to the doctors a few hours ago and he could not find anything wrong with my eye, but he is referring me to one of the opticains they use and should get an appointment in the next few days. if anything is wrong this opticains will send me straight to hospital. so just waiting now.


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