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I suffer with rheumatoid arthritis and rheumatoid fibrosis. Have been taking methotrexate for 4 weeks now and find I can move a lot easier but still get pains in my joints. Some days it goes to different joints and today I have it in my jaw which is the worse pain ever. I have been told methotrexate does not remove the pain so I take quite a few painkillers when it's really bad. I have a very good husband who does a lot for me like helping to get dressed , my daughter comes and cleans for me as I get out of breath easily.

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I feel the same most days. I used to be able to make pastry, had really cold hands. Now, my husband uses my hands as a hand warmer. But he does help get me dressed and out of the bath. For cleaning, I have a Dr's note that says my house needs to be clean, but I am not allowed to do it.

I can't take NSAIDs, so am on steroids. I hope that something kicks in soon. Seeing consultant, not Rheummy nurse in 4 weeks (second consultation).


Hi Sophie, I have RD & once in awhile I get in my jaw. The pain is unbearable isn't it, I can't take painkillers. I find a warm hot water bottle wrapped in a t towel which I lay my face on helps. Fortunately my jaw pain never lasts more than 48hrs but I find it the worst thing about having RD. I'm taking it your GP knows about your breathlessness . Take care


Hi Caza yes my doctor knows about the breathlessness i see a lung consultant every 6months and regular lung function tests. It is because of the fibrosis that i get like it. Thanks for your concern. Sophie


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