Could this be arthritis?????

could this be arthritis?Lower back ,hip, butt and leg pain. Last weekend it was my left side I kept hearing pad on my lower back all weekend. This weekend it's both sides ... Hurts to sit too long hurts to stand too long and hurts too lay down too long feels really stiff .. It even hurts to cross one leg over the other .... Could this be some type of arthritis??. I do have severe hand pains everyday but was diagnosed with carpal tunnel 2 years ago .....


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  • That's supposed to say heating pad not hearing pad lol

  • It could be but you need to see a doctor for sure sounds like something is going on and you need to be checked out by a medical professional. I hope you find relife soon

  • Thank you!!

  • Sounds more like something's up with your lumbar vertebrae, possibly osteoarthritis or could be mechanical like a slipped disc. Doesn't sound like classic rheumatoid arthritis, tho' it's a very variable disease. Anyway, you need to go see your doctor to get it looked at.

  • I have 2 sisters with rheumatoid and a cousin I also had an Aunt that had it ...

  • So presumably you know all about it, and you know the basic signs & symptoms and the variations like PsA and spondylitis, so not sure why you asked the question!

  • I don't know all about it .. Just know they were diagnosed with it ... Years ago. I live in a different state then they do so don't see them ever

  • When I was a kid I was diagnosed with scholiosis ... I'm 48 now so maybe it is that .. All I know is I hurt ...

  • If you were diagnosed with scoliosis then there's a probability that this pain is related to it. If I were you I'd get an appointment with my doctor as soon as you can.

  • I'm gonna cal my dr tomorrow to get an appointment !.

  • Sure hope it isn't rheumatoid ... Maybe just a slipped disc. ... I didn't do anything strenuous ...

  • hi I have ankylosing spondylitis and have similar symptoms so could be that but u need to see gp for proper diagnosis 🙂

  • Thank you !

  • Thank you. ... I'm gonna look that up ... !! Wish I could diagnose this without going to a DR 😢

  • Agree with the others, RA doesn't affect the lower spine, only ever the first vertebrae in the neck (C1) as it's the only synovial joint in the spine.

    Spondyloarthropathies such as AS can affect the lower back.

    Osteoarthritic changes in the facet joints between vertebrae can cause lots of pain, it's quite central and hurts if you push your rear end out!

    Does the pain radiate down your legs? Nerve problems from disc issues can cause referred pain (sciatica) down the legs, sometimes into the feet, both front and back. It's quite a distinctive pain, once you've had it you never forget!

    Slipped discs can cause most of the above, and a whole lot more such as foot drop and paralysis.

    But also you can just tweak something and all the muscles tense up which can be (and is) extremely painful. If the pain is to one side and either in your bum or just above (the glutes go up your back a fair way and are the largest muscle in the body) this is likely muscular - but not necessarily exclusively muscular. Muscle pain can be stretched, massaged and rollered out but needs to be correctly identified and done correctly.

    You do need a doctor to diagnose which type of pain it is and then you can come up with a plan to deal with it.

    Good luck.


  • Thank you, it was on just my left side last weekend but now on both sides. I guess I need to go see a dr ... I might just go to the ER maybe they can do an X-ray of my back and tell me what's wrong

  • I just looked up both those things ... I guess it's hard to say without test to see what this is .. Thank you so much for your help ... !!!

  • You're welcome, but don't try and self diagnose, not worth the risk if you get it wrong.

    A dr should know if it's something you can stretch out or if it's something that needs further investigation.

    If you're in the US / Canada idk what the procedure is with ER, in the UK your GP (primary physician) would be the first port-of-call, unless you literally can't walk, then A&E.

    If you get any bladder / bowel problems, or numbness / tingling in groin (saddle) area - A&E / ER.

  • Thank you.. I'm gonna call and make appointment with my dr tomorrow... !!

  • As you mention scoliosis above, do you find sleeping / lying on one side causes more pain than the other?

    Scoliosis (depending on whereabouts in the spine it is) can cause the nerves exiting the spine to become impinged / aggravated and can cause sciatic pain.

    I find (and have asked a consultant about it) sleeping on one side makes the pain worse than the other.

    If you've had scoliosis for 40 years or thereabouts it could well be related as Helix says.

    Definitely need an up to date scan on your back to know what's going on IMO.


  • I used to sleep on my stomach but can't anymore it kills my back .... My pain is in my lower back and that is where my scholiosis is.... Not sure if it is related , I was diagnosed about 38 years ago

  • Try moving your head to one side or the other and see if it makes any difference when in your stomach. It causes a rotation of the spine which can help (if your head's pointed in the 'correct' direction) when sleeping on your front.

    I sleep on my side anyway which is much better on one side than the other.

  • check out the criteria on the National Ankylosing Spondylitis society webpage for inflammatory back pain (also known as spondyloartthritis - its the other main form of inflammatory arthritis after RA)

  • I empathise with your pain. I have had similar problems. It's worth getting it checked out by a doctor and having an MRI scan. I wish you all the best.

  • Hi daiseylynn , I have RA had for 5 yrs now, at the moment I've a pain in my lumber region and pins & needles down right leg and foot , I suffer from sciatica as well , spoke to my dr on phone this morning and.she said it was the sciatica it could last a number of weeks . Just to keep taking pain killers and a hot water bottle on my back , that may be what's wrong with you but I'd check with your dr , but in the meantime pain killers and a warm compress can't do any harm , hope you feel better soon xx

  • Your symptoms sound a bit similar to my symptoms Daiseylynn, I also had tailbone pain (diagnosed) where I couldn't sit down or stand up for long, had to move cheek to cheek to relieve the pain. My Doctor said there was no cure I would have to learn to live with it. I cured it by taking vitamin D3 5000iu of vitamin D3.

    Not connected, but I'd also been found to be vitamin D deficient at around the same time and was prescribed what Doctor said was 'a very high dose' of (1000iu) D3, I later found this was a mere maintenance dose, but also oddly noticed my stiffness, getting up out of bed or chairs, my hips, leg pains, lower back pain and tailbone pains all went away for a few days, but then came back with a vengeance, someone on HU suggested taking a higher (safe dose,) of 5000iu D3, I did and all pains went almost over night. 85% of us in Uk are either low or deficient in vitamin D3 and don't know it, I certainly didn't. also information on safe up to date doses your Doctor might not tell you about.

    I believe carpal tunnel is also linked to low B12 or B12 Deficiency, if you are low in one vitamin you can be with others too. I was low in range B12 too.

  • I went to my Dr today ... He did X-ray and I have arthritis in my hips. He doesn't know what type but did blood work and will find out in 10 days ....

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