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Guys I've got to share this with you all. I went onto the actress Claire kings website because I am aware that she has had rheumatoid athritis for over 20 years. She mentioned in her blog that she applies celadrin cream to her joints I ordered some off the internet it has just come this morning within 20 minutes of applying the cream to my hands wrist and feet the pain has literally gone, and believe me or not I was really stiff and sore this morning. I am struggling to believe how good it has worked. My index and middle finger on my right hand would not bend this morning omg the pain and stiffness has completely gone. I will keep yous posted with updates

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  • Dear Kazwilks,

    Really pleased that you have found a cream that alleviates some of the pain/stiffness in your joints. Celadrin tends to be used for osteoarthrits as in some cases it has found to lubricate joints however there has been little research done yet into its effect on musculoskeletal conditions.

    More info can be found on Arthritis Research UK's website: arthritisresearchuk.org/art...

    Kind regards


  • You will have to let us know which product it was as there is a load of creams and it would be helpful if we which one darling. I hope it helps you and i would look forward to your progress.xxx

  • Hi Sylvi

    The cream is called celadrin joint cream its from a company called Hellenia it retails at £10.00 for a 100ml jar. The cream is really thick so it should last a long time. Thx for the reply take care


  • If you don't mind me asking ,how much was it please

  • Hi fra

    If you go onto the website a company called Hellenia. They do the cream at £10.00 for a 100ml jar. I got the tablets as well both together come to £35.00. The cream is really thick so it should last a long time. Take care


  • Thanks

  • Glad it worked for you but I always think if a product is that good, then why hasn't my rheumatologist prescribed it for me??

  • Hi Boneyc

    I don't think they can its from a herbalist company. I wanted to go down a different route because none of the meds I have been prescribed have worked. I was on sulfasazeline methotrexate and steroids. I ran out of steroids 3 weeks ago I have been in agony ever since. That's telling me the only thing keeping this disease at bay was the steroids. I have stopped taking all my meds which might be to my own detriment but I don't want to be reliant on steroids for the rest of my life. I saw the state of my mother who took steroids for bronchial asthma she had skin paper thin Which would tear at the slightest touch, she had to wear arm and leg protectors for the rest of her life. Thx for the reply take care


  • Thank you Karen, let us know how you get on with this product. I've always had to take meds (45 years) and been on/off steroids during that time too, but thankfully my skin isn't too thin yet. Good luck.

  • Hi

    I'm going to order some too. Is it OK to take whilst on methotrexate and sulphazaine too. Are you on meds ?


    Dee x

  • Hi Dee

    I'm sorry Hun I don't know but I'm sure it would be OK best to ask just in case. I was on meds the same as you but stopped them didn't feel like they were working and made me feel ill take care


  • OK thanks love xx

  • Like you I really suffer with the pain of RA it does not help that I am very intolerant of pain medication so the Drs view me as a pain in the butt. However I will now try the Celadrin cream you spoke of sounds to good to be true but as nothing has ever worked so far, I am willing to try anything Thankyou for the tip

  • Hi wickedone

    I am so pleased there is someone else like me because I'm sure that is the case with myself I am very intolerant of any medication. I had an epidural c section 32yrs ago and felt every incision which still gives me nightmares lol. The cream has been really good the only problem is my index and middle finger on my right hand is so badly damaged I think they are beyond repair but its definitely worked on my feet and left wrist take care


  • Just ordered, thanks for the recommendation :)

  • Hi little munch

    I think you will be surprised how good it works. Hope you get the same result take care


  • Just to let you know that I ordered the £ 35 package including the cream after seeing your post. It arrived yesterday and on first use of the cream I felt the difference. Thank you for posting.

  • So pleased to hear that. Take care


  • Great to hear! I've found another one which works, miracle ointment from Well Being Essences. Very effective. I'm going to try the celadrin as well.

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