early mornings

I’ve just had an unusually hassily morning, and this app wont let me type properly again. Anyway the issue is early morning brain fog and general total inability to do more than one thing at a time. I think its getting worse. I’m not taking heavy meds at night, but I do seem to sleep in bits and each time very deeply. But if I’m asked several questions I just melt down.

Do you think I’m losing it? (cant remember what it was though!)

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  • How is the rest of your disease activity. For me when everything else is playing up my brain does not work - I can only just cope with myself then. Farm

  • If it is of any small consolation i have just responded in depth, to a message forgot to post it and left the page and lost it. Now I want to rant in frustration with myself.

    Total unrealistic meltdown. Why does this happen.

  • Thanks people! Just had my physio massage she made me walk quite a way without sticks. I felt wobbly but did it! The brain fogs still there but taking things slowly helps

  • I have that concern too. Heavy-duty painkillers do affect one. When I was in hospital, dipping in and out of sleep, I was woken suddenly by a nurse wanting to take my blood pressure. I sat bolt upright and asked him"do you have a spare giraffe?" As soon as I'd said it, I realised how ridiculous it was and we both laughed. For some reason asking for a spare giraffe, rather than any one, struck us as particularly funny. Where on earth had this come from? !

  • Surreal!

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