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So much pain

Hi all ,

Moving on Saturday and my wrists/hands are so painful. Constantly tired and feel sick. My left wrist in particular is so stiff constantly and I cant bend it down at all. Its so hard to do anything especially carry my daughter whos 2. Hopefully at my 2nd rheumatologist apt in 2 weeks they'll be able to start me on some meds because I'm not coping. I visited my GP last Thursday who prescribed naproxen and cocodomol and they did absolutely nothing for the pain, only wiped me out. By 6pm I was falling asleep on the sofa so had to get energised and move as my little girl doesn't go to bed until 7pm.

Today I went looking for a wrist support in Boots and I saw one but didn't purchase it as I wasn't sure if it would help or if itd make my wrist worse and damage it more.

Its proving hard to stay excited about the move when in so much pain and not going to be able to do anything. I'm suppose to be on cleaning duty whilst others decorate childrens rooms and unload removals etc.


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I have the same problem as you. At my first appointment with the consultant they gave me wrist supports and advised me to wear them especially when driving. I stopped driving for a while due to the pain in wrists and hands. I am back driving when pain free. At the moment I have stopped driving due to pain in my wrists for the last week.

Hope you get sorted soon.



It's difficult isn't it - having to let other people do things when you would much rather be doing them yourself.

You can make sure that you keep everyone else topped up with drinks and snacks, so that you feel you are contributing to the workload.


Its so difficult! Feeling a tad sorry for myself lately as I turned 30 last year and since then it feels like its been a bit down hill. However moving and starting a new business does seem to make things a bit brighter! Just worried about the impact RA will have on mobility with the new business as I am on my feet a lot.

Oh I plan to keep everyone hydrated and fed during the day so no slacking can take place!!! haha! 3 days to go!!


Get the wrist supports!


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