RA question and help? :/

I truly believe i have RA and on hear i described my symptoms and was told the opposite. But it runs in my family with my moms side bad. With lupus also. I'm only 18 and my hand is getting worse i have my tendons sliding off thats pushing a bone out the side of my middle knuckle. Pain is becoming a real thing and my doctor even asked about my history, asking about lupus and ra. I have i blood check and meet up with doc in 5 days. What should i do to help the pain and inflammation?

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  • How did you know i played guitar? And no, but sure sounds lovely

  • Unfortunately i can't play anymore it only gets worse when i do

  • That's beautiful, Kai-- ❤️😊

  • Hello Lilynette, sorry to hear of your problem, unfortunately RA is hereditary it can skip generations. In your case wait and see what your blood results are, the Rheumatoid Factor in the blood is the important one although others are also important, in the mean time you can obtain anti-inflammatory medicines at the chemist/pharmacy without a prescription such as ibuprofen that should help you until you see your doctor again, or there are natural things you can take, see Kai's rely. I'm not sure what is available in America as you have a Mom and not a Mum but you could ask the pharmacist, here in Britain they are very helpful.

  • It's not something that can be diagnosed by sight or explaining symptoms I'm afraid & you've done the right thing seeing your GP. He sounds as though he suspects something inflammatory so until he's received the results it's a wait & see situation I'm afraid. That said it can be genetic, mine is but skipped a generation as it was my nan who had it. If your bloods come back positive he'll refer you to a Rheumatologist who'll repeat those tests & more, examine you & have images done to refer to for diagnosis & to form a treatment plan. Depending on your blood results your GP may prescribe something to ease your pain & inflammation until you see a Rheumatologist.

    In the meantime try not to overuse the affected joints. Try hot or cold compresses, you may find ibuprofen & paracetamol would help, better still ask your pharmacist at your local chemist, if you explain your symptoms & that you're awaiting blood test results they should be able to recommend an over the counter pain relief, anti inflammatory or both. As well as my meds I also use a topical gel to ease my joints when they're screaming, it's called Pernaton gel & available from some chemists, health food stores & online. If you search for it in your search engine you can read up on it. It's the only thing that eases my nagging joints & particularly helpful because you can use it regularly & doesn't interact with any meds.

    As you're young you really need to start proper medical treatment & soon to have the best chance so if your tests reveal it is necessary hopefully your GP will push for an early Rheumy appointment.

    I hope some of this helps & keep in touch, let us know what your blood test reveals?

  • Thank you for the information truly and yes of course i will let you all know the scoop after my appointment. (:

  • hi im new too , I play strings in an orchestra so I know where your coming from , my hands are geting worse but I find a wheat sack heated in the microwave helps

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